Mike Holmes Jr. and his wife Lisa Marie Holmes are expanding Homes On Homes' territory. Building on his father Mike Holmes's show, Holmes Jr. and his better-half are now working on the new show, Holmes @ Home: Gardening Edition.

The latter show initiated by the picturesque couple educates viewers on how to make their own garden at home. In addition to that, the show covers everything from seed selection to making changes to your garden based on real-life curveballs.

The Show Supports Mike Holmes Jr. and His Wife's Plant Diet

The couple took to their property to film the show and they have a pretty good reason to produce their own food. Marie was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called the celiac disease in 2006.

Marie's condition does not allow her to consume gluten because if she does, her body responds by damaging her small intestine.


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In an article on Make It Right, Marie also let her fans in on what she was growing in her garden for the summer. The article listed out as follows:

  • 6 different tomato varieties
  • 2 squash varieties
  • 2 zucchini varieties
  • 3 potato varieties
  • 2 onion varieties
  • Cauliflower
  • What they thought was Broccoli but ended up being a bean plant
  • 5 varieties of peppers (mostly spicy!)
  • Several herbs including yarrow, English mint, Thai basil, basil, Italian parsley
  • Carrots
  • Radishes
  • 5 different varieties of lettuce

The reality star further detailed how the entire project was not as easy as they made it look on camera. However, the couple, being the power team that they are, divided their tasks to suit their skills and powered through. She claims that the project did make for an interesting time.


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Mike Holmes Jr. and Lisa Marie Married After Dating for Four Years

The adorable Holmes couple first met each other in 2006 when Marie was working as a server at a golf course. There, at that time, Holmes Jr. was playing a charity golf tournament with his father.

In an interview with TRNTO in December 2016, Marie recalled her first meeting with her partner in vivid detail. She gushed:

I saw Michael walk through the restaurant and — after picking my jaw up off the floor — I made a point of being extra good at my job and made sure that his cup was always full. He got my number by the end of the night.

Sadly, Marie had already booked a one-way ticket to Europe before they met. So, they dated for a few months before she went backpacking.


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When she came back home, Holmes Jr. was in a relationship with someone else and it was only in October 2013 that both of them were single.

In the same interview with TRNTO, Holmes Jr. also confessed that the feelings he had for her never truly left him.

When both of them were single and knowing they had feelings for one another, they approached and eventually started dating by the end of the year 2013.

After dating again for three years, Holmes Jr. proposed Marie during a trip to Ottawa in 2016. Later, the couple finally tied the knot in 2017 at a picturesque wedding. It was an outdoor nuptial ceremony on Ontario’s Blue Mountains area at the cottage of Dragons’ Den star Arlene Dickinson.