Michael Smerconish from the Michael Smerconish Program may look like he could talk about politics all day long, but it turns out work-related conversations are strictly forbidden at home.

The iconic radio host is married to Lavinia Smerconish, and the couple has a beautiful family with four children. While Lavinia had a daughter, Caitlin, from a previous relationship, she has also given birth to three sons after marrying Michael. 

Both Michael and Lavinia are extremely career-oriented people, but work talk is simply not allowed when they're with their children. 

The Couple Try To Keep Their Careers Entirely Off The Dinner Table

Michael is very much a family man as is obvious from his interviews and family photos on social media. In 2016, when an interviewer asked him about what the dinner conversations are like since he has four kids, he replied that dinners are the same as any other family.

All of them do try to have their dinner together as often as they can. Moreover, he talks so much about politics throughout the day that it gives him plenty of opportunities to get it off his chest by the time he gets home. Hence, the dinner table is strictly reserved for catching up with whatever is going on in each other's lives and in the world, like a normal family. He also gave an example of a conversation at the dinner table in which he'd gotten his second son a voter’s registration form when he turned 18. Hence, that was the dominating topic of conversation during dinner. 

His wife Lavinia too keeps her professional life strictly under wraps from anyone outside work, including her husband, regardless of whether she has signed a non-disclosure agreement or not.

In fact, she keeps her career so private that one time she sold a home to her husband's former law partner and he didn't get to know until the partner came over to thank her for the seamless real estate transaction. 

Even though they keep their careers private, they do find other things to talk about. Maybe that is one of the reasons that the couple has successfully been together for over 25 years now. 

Both Mr. and Mrs. Smerconish Are Remarkably Successful In Their Careers 

Michael is an American radio host and television presenter, newspaper columnist, author, and lawyer. He hosts the Michael Smerconish Program and writes the Sunday news column for The Philadelphia Inquirer. Moreover, he has also authored seven books till now. 

Among his myriad achievements, the 58-year-old radio host is also lauded for delivering engaging and thought-provoking dialogue regarding the current political arena.

Lavinia, on the other hand, is a veteran real-estate agent and is known for her high ethical standards. She has a reputation for always keeping her clients' best interests in mind and excelling with her extensive knowledge of the industry.