Matty Matheson and his wife have been together for over two decades now!

Canadian chef Matty Matheson and his wife, Trish Spencer, started their relationship in high school, long before getting married. While the world around them has changed a lot, one thing that has remained constant throughout the years is their love for one another.

Matheson And His Wife Married After Dating For 14 Years

Matheson and his wife, Trish Spencer, have been together since 2000. They were together in the Port Colborne Catholic-school and even went to the high school prom together. Remaining loyal to each other, the teenage sweethearts stayed in a relationship for 14 years. Then, on August 9, 2014, they finally got married.

The celebrity chef talked about his enduring relationship with his wife on their 6th wedding anniversary through an Instagram post. There, he shared how grateful he was to have built a life with Trish. He then asserted that their trust and commitment to each other helped them transition from having nothing to having a farm and a supportive family. Also, Matheson maintained that there was no one other than his wife, with whom he would want to spend his whole life.

They Are Parents To Three Kids

The lovebirds have come a long way in their relationship. Two years after the wedding ceremony, Matheson's wife gave birth to their first child, a son named MacArthur Myer Matherson, on Mar. 15, 2016. Their family then expanded as they welcomed their second child, a daughter named Rizzo Louise Matheson, on Oct. 31, 2018. 

Last but not least, they had their third kid, a daughter, on Oct. 1, 2020. They named her Ozzy Dorothea Matheson.

Now, the family-of-five live together in bliss, where Matheson earns from his stints as a celebrity chef, and his wife runs an Ossington-based bridal boutique named Loversland. The shop was established on Nov. 22, 2014.

Matty Matheson Has Many Feats To His Name

Matheson was born in Toronto, Canada, and knew that he wanted to be a chef at a young age. He attended the Culinary School at Humber College, Toronto soon after, he began his career as a chef. The chef's first job was at Le Select Bistro, where he became a junior sous chef within three years of working there. He then went on to open his own restaurant Le Select Bistro at the age of 26. 

Since then, he has accomplished a lot in his career, including appearing in the Viceland television series Dead Set on Life. He has also been the executive chef at Parts and Labour and contributed to the Northern Alliance, which brings chefs from the U.S. and Canada together. 

Matheson released his first cookbook called 'Matty Matheson: A Cookbook in 2018' and his second cookbook Matty 'Matheson: Home Style Cookery' in September 2020.

During the pandemic, he started two pop-up restaurants known as Matty Matheson's Meat + Three, specializing in American barbecue, and Matty's Patty's Burger Club. Additionally, he also has a podcast called Powerful Truth Angels that he began last year with artist Alex 2Tone.