Going by the account handle name @Meisyear, Matt Stonie's girlfriend, Mei, is very open about her relationship and their small family; revealing a lot about the star's secret personal life.

Mei has a highlighted stories folder named M&M on her Instagram, made up of a bunch of pictures of them together.

On this folder, you can find a picture of them on a rollercoaster posted 71 weeks ago with the text "5.5 years with this guy" on one end of a doodled pointer, while the other end pointed to Matt.

Matt Stonie and girlfriend Mei on a roller coaster ride (Source: Instagram

The Secret Is Out

Like many public figures, Matt Stonie had been keeping his private and professional lives separate. 

According to Celebpie, the actor had never mentioned anything about marriage and usually dodged questions about marriage and girlfriends.

Although the YouTuber has not officially announced his relationship status, the Instagram handle of Mei and their dogs revealed the secret.

In one of Mei's recent posts, she confirmed the relationship. When she posted a picture of the competitive eater on her Instagram handle, one of her friends commented, "still cool to know your bf is Matt Stonie lol," to which she replied: "Yeah small world."

Matt's girlfriend Mei confirming their relationship  (Source: Instagram)

Even the Instagram account for their dogs has a description stating "account handled by MOM," and has a post of Matt with their canines, Gray and Goma. The collage was composed of two pictures taken in two different timelines with the caption, "Back When Gray was 5 months old and Goma was 2 months. Same place. Same dad. Different time."

Matt Is Good At Keeping Secrets

In another post on Mei's Instagram, dated April 26, 2017, there is a picture of them together with the caption "3.5 years strong #happyanniversary." 

This post claims that they have been together since 2014, and the professional YouTuber seems to be very happy with his girlfriend and their two huskies.

In the most recent post from Mei's account, she was seen celebrating Christmas with Matt's family. The caption of the post read, " Christmas with the Stonies."  This indicates that Matt's parents have known about their relationship for some time, as both parties appear comfortable with each other.

The YouTube professional and legend of the competitive eating arena has been very successful in keeping his secret off of the public eye.

Ironically, in his most recent post on YouTube, we can hear a girl talking in the background. Since Mei's Instagram also has pictures of Matt Behind the Scenes with his crew, Mei likely is the one who handles the camera for Matt's YouTube videos. 

Although their relationship has been kept a secret for so long, it looks like one that has a potential future. Mei, the YouTuber's current girlfriend, addresses them as a family of four, along with their two dogs, Gray and Goma.