South Korean actor and model Lee Jong-suk is one of the most famous names in the Korean entertainment industry. And because of his soaring popularity, many fans and followers are curious about his life, more precisely, his dating life.

Despite the queries and curiosities, the actor has barely spoken on the topic, even after being rumored to have dated several divas from K-town. That’s not all. Jong-suk had once stated that he would rather go public with his relationship than being rumored or photographed with someone.

Jong-suk’s Dating Rumors

The Hot Young Bloods actor has often been the talk of the town for dating the most beautiful celebs in South Korea. Recently, in 2019, he was linked to Kwon Nara, a former Hello Venus member.

The tales of their romance broke out after Newsis reported that the two have been seeing each other frequently, and Jong-suk even helped her get signed by his label, A-Man Project.

But A-Man Project, the management agency representing the actors, immediately denied the rumors of them being a couple. The official statement released by the agency read: 

The report released today about them dating is false. They only have a close senior-junior relationship.

It wasn’t the first time people speculated on his relationship. Jong-suk was reported to be dating actress Park Shin-hye after working together as the lead romantic pair in the 2014-15 drama series Pinocchio.

Dispatch released a series of their pictures, where they were spotted enjoying late-night dates. The outlet had also reported that the alleged-couple dated for four months and spent time in England and Hawaii.

The respective agencies of both the actors again dismissed the rumors. Hye’s company, S.A.L.T Entertainment, stated:

The reports stating Park Shin Hye is dating Lee Jong Suk is not true. The photos that show them on a trip together is a picture of them at a photoshoot in a foreign location. The rumors are groundless.

Jong-suk Won’t Mind Going Public if He Had a Woman He Loved

It is unsure how much weight the rumors of him dating alleged-girlfriends carry, but the actor’s statement back in 2014 clarifies his take on love and his willingness to go public about his relationship.

During an episode of SBS’s One Night of TV Entertainment show on February 5, 2014, Suk shared it would be better to go public with the relationship rather than being photographed without knowing. He also stated that he was more interested in marrying a woman than just going out on a date with her.

I honestly want to marry more than I want to date. If I had a woman I loved, I think it's better to go public with the relationship than be photographed without knowing.

Going by what he had stated in the past, he would have shared his relationship details with his fans and followers if he was actually in love with a woman. Since that hasn’t happened, his dating rumors must be taken with a pinch of salt.