“Primitive, survivalist, nomad.” The three words, as described on Laura Zerra’s official website, sums her up perfectly. She pleases her satisfactions through her explorations of nature and life in its generality.

But those three words do not just describe her professional journey, but also her way of life. The Naked and Afraid star is delved so deeply into her adventures that she’s quite comfortable with her stance on getting married for the time being.

Laura Zerra's First Tweet Reveals Her Thoughts On Getting Married

The 35-year-old does her talking through her adventures because they are usually the conversations she is interested in. So, naturally, when it comes to her relationships, she is tight-lipped about them.

But there have been times when she has hinted about her relationship: twice, to be exact; she tweeted about it in 2017. When those two tweets are put together in a timelined structure, her views on relationships and getting married can be seen reflected in a satirical manner.

For elaboration, on May 20, 2017, Zerra tweeted a picture of a ‘horse-drawn wedding wagon’ with two specific and satirical hashtags. The first one was, “Always the bridesmaid, Never the bride.” The saying actually directs to someone who is never the most important person in a situation. But as the picture was taken from an actual wedding, it was probably literal when Zerra said it. Meaning, she had never got to be a bride as she had never married.

Then she offered another contrast with her second hashtag, “Wouldn’t Have it any other way.” Ergo, making a statement that reflects her contentment with her single life and that the thought of getting married is there, but she’s not there yet.

Zerra's Second Tweet Adds Context About Her Relationship History

Now, the second tweet from the reality star adds more context to her past relationship history. On September 12, 2017, she tweeted a picture filled with quotes from a famous crime romance drama, Marnie — a film based during a dominant male society of the '60s.

The quote read as:

Marnie Edgar: 'You don’t love me. I’m just something you’ve caught! You think I’m some sort of animal you’ve trapped!' 

Mark Rutland: 'That’s right - you are. And I’ve caught something really wild this time, haven’t I? I’ve tracked you and caught you and by God I’m going to keep you.'

The dialogue is an excerpt from the movie about Marnie Edgar, the protagonist, and Mark Rutland, a wealthy businessman who wants to possess Marnie as his wife, whether she wants him or not.

Now, the exciting part is, Zerra uploaded the picture with the dialogue and captioned it as, ‘My relationship history in a nutshell.’ Although satirical, it can be speculated that some of Zerra's former boyfriends could have been possessive, as she also used the hashtag “Relatable” to state her opinion. 

Zerra's character — as perceived by many, and as explained through her Twitter bio — shows that she is a woman not afraid ‘to be uncomfortable and being underestimated.’ Hence, meaning that she is not the kind of girl who would settle or stay in a toxic relationship.

And from a close look at her social media, Laura Zerra seems to be single as of now, happily embracing the choice of solitude by enjoying hunting, nomadic adventures, and the thrills and drills of primitive survival.