Goblin stars Kim Go Eun and Gong Yoo have a perfect on-screen chemistry. Even though their agencies claim there is nothing between them beyond friendship, the duo has not actually cleared the air themselves. 

There is no smoke without fire, they say.

Go Eun and Gong Yoo starred as the lead pair in the K-drama, Goblin. The duo's on-screen romance seemed so real, fans suspected they were dating in real life. 

The rumors were exacerbate after a wrap party where the duo seemed to be in high spirits

In another video Jung Young Ki shared on his Instagram, Go Eun was blowing the candles on the cake when Gong Yoo sneakily came from behind, just like his character Kim Shin. 

While shooting for the TV drama, the lead actodrs would often make fun of each other in jest. Although most of the scenes they filmed were sad and emotional, they had their fun later. The pair genuinely seemed to like each other's company. 

Soop Entertainment clarified the dating rumors were frustrating and entirely baseless. Go Eun had recently broken up with her then-boyfriend, Shin Ha Kyun, when fans started speculating about her potential romance with Gong Yoo.

Her agency revealed even though she broke up with her ex around the same time she stared dating Gong Yoo, but it had  nothing to do with him.

Kim Go Eun

              Goblin Kim Go Eun and Gong Yoo on K-drama 'Goblin' (Source: Yibada)

The agency reqested fans and media not to misinterpret her relationship with Gong Yoo. In an episode of Happy Together, the actress revealed what her relationship with other cast members was like.

One of her stories was about when she decided to visit Jo Se Ho, Gong Yoo, and Lee Dong Wook before the shooting began. When she reached, Jo Se Ho was visibly excited but also surprised to witness how different she looked from the characters she had played in the other K-dramas. 

When the show was still on-air, there were rumors that the cast would fake liking each other. Go Eun said the rumors because of the playful personalities of the cast.