Due to their sizzling and convincing chemistry on-screen, the leads of the Korean drama The King: Eternal Monarch are rumored to be in a relationship.

Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun have breathed their respective characters into life so well that fans want them to date in real life too.

The co-stars seem to enjoy each other’s company, but is there any truth behind the rumor that Min-ho is Go-eun's boyfriend?

Neither of The Co-stars Has Accepted Dating Rumors

Go-eun and Min-ho’s effortless chemistry was one of the prime reasons behind the Korean drama’s massive success. The dynamic of their characters kept the audience hooked to the show.

Fans were passionate about the lead pairing, so much so that they suggested the reel couple to date, while some argued they are already dating. 

On May 8, 2020, Min-ho posted a picture with the Goblin actress, providing his Instagram followers a sneak peek into the connection he shares with his co-star. 

Despite the ample suggestions and rumors of The King co-stars dating, the pair are yet to validate or deny their dating status. 

Min-ho Doesn’t Mind Dating a Co-Star

To avoid the complications that come with dating a fellow co-star, many actors have a strict protocol of maintaining a platonic relationship with actors they are working with. 

However, things are different for the I Am Sam actorTime and again, Min-ho has been the talk of the town for being in a relationship with his co-stars.

For instance, Min-ho was in a relationship with City Hunter co-star Park Min-young. On a similar note, he also dated Vagabond co-star Bae Suzy in 2015. 

Reunion of ‘The King’ Actors 

Other than the rumor of these two good-looking people going out, the reunion of The King: Eternal Monarch has also been generating plenty of buzz.

After the drama ended in June 2020, the cast (Lee Min-ho, Kim Go-eun, Woo Do-hwan, and more) met again for a meal in November 2020.

Both Min-ho and Go-eun shared the same photo of this celebratory event on their Instagram handles.