After making their red carpet debut as a couple in May 2018, actress Jaimie Alexander and actor Tom Pelphrey made headlines. However, since their recent Valentine’s post, fans have been speculating about their relationship status.

It’s Been A While

It is clear on Pelphrey’s Instagram that the actor has not been posting pictures of him and his girlfriend together for quite some time now. The last photo the couple posted together dates back to July 22, 2019, where they are seen posing with two of their other friends. 

The four people in the photo look like they are on a porch with the dog, trees, and a car in the background. They are looking at the camera and pretending to flex.

In the picture, all of them are wearing black overalls, with Alexander and Pelphrey putting on matching bandanas over their head. However, the two are not standing together, with their friend filling the gap between them. 

In the photo's caption, the actor has tagged a page called spider rain and Alexander. The caption reads, “ATL DOG PACK. @spiderandrain @jaimiealexander #thebluebs

 As if Pelphrey’s Instagram was not raising enough speculations, the Valentine’s day post from both the actors has their fans speculating about their relationship status.

Valentine’s Day Blues

Four days ago, the world celebrated Valentine’s by posting pictures of them with their partners, which flooded everyone’s social media pages. 

The actress posted a photo collage of two stills from the movie Batman Returns. The actress chose the iconic scene where Catwoman enters her apartment saying “Honey I’m Home” and then corrects herself with “Oh, I forgot I am not married.”

After this post, many people started speculating about the actress’s relationship with her boyfriend. 

On the other hand, Pelphrey posted an adorable picture with his dog blue, giving him a sloppy kiss. In his post’s caption, the actor used his humor to lighten up the whole Valentine’s vibe. 

In the caption, Pelphrey acknowledged that Valentine’s could be a shitty day for many people and added the quarantine, make it feels much worse. Moving on, the actor humorously wrote how he is happy to be receiving the sloppy kiss from his dog, who sometimes drinks from the toilet, and that he and blue send their love to all the lonely, happy, single and couples letting them know they are not alone. 

Does this mean they are both single? Are they still dating?

There has been no confirmation about whether the two are still dating. However, their Instagram posts suggest something might be going on.