Hunter Hannah Barron seemed to have what most people dream of — A good career and a loving fiancé.

Unfortunately, the trouble in paradise led Hunter Hannah Barron to part ways with her fiancé before getting married. Although, she seems to have moved on and may have found herself a new beau already. 

Barron's Separation from Fiancé and on to a New Relationship

The Instagram celebrity had known Ryan Horton, a fellow hunter, for a few years. The couple started dating in 2016 and seemed to be very much in love, as was evident from their Instagram posts. Horton even wished her on Valentine's Day back in 2017.

Ryan Horton proposing to Hannah Barron in 2018 (Source: MarriedDivorced)

A year later, he went ahead and popped the question. The social media celebrity happily said yes, and soon after, they moved in together. The engaged couple lived together for a while.

However, the relationship didn't last and the duo called in quits sometime in late 2019 or early 2020. 

How Hunter Met Her Match

Since then, the famous YouTuber seems to have found another match. Of late, her Instagram is filled with posts featuring Cohen Stone, who also shares her passion for hunting.

On her 24th birthday, Stone took to Instagram and wished her a happy birthday. She also reciprocated by wishing him on his birthday in 2020. 

Not just that, the couple also took a trip to Mexico together. When he posted about it on Instagram, the fans went crazy and wished the couple a lifetime of happiness together. 

Summing that up, the 24-year-old is not married yet. However, she may or may not have found a husband in her new partner. 

Once A Hunter, Always A Hunter

The Instagram sensation is famous for hunting, fishing, and adventure photos on her handle. She first came into the limelight when she posted a video of catching an enormous catfish with her bare hands.

Her fans know enough about her exceptional skills in hunting, fishing, noodling, etc. However, little do they know how her interest arose in these activities. 

The star was born and brought up in Alabama. Growing up, she would often accompany her father in hunting and related activities. By the age of 4, she could identify the local snakes, and at the age of 8, she killed her first deer.  

Being outdoors so much and getting to explore the country made her realize that she loved hunting. Eventually, she went noodling with her neighbors, i.e., catching a catfish using only bare hands, and she's been noodling ever since. Moreover, this is the activity that made her an overnight celebrity on YouTube.

Genuine Love For Social Media

Even though she is now a social media celebrity, her life is still the same as it was before. This is because she genuinely likes to document her life, and the only added benefit of social media has been that now she can share it with the rest of the world as well. Before social media also, she would take hundreds of pictures to capture every moment. 

The 24-year-old star has also made it a point to encourage other women to be more outdoorsy as well. She believes that hunting, fishing, noodling, etc., aren't activities reserved for any particular gender, and so women should also be supported to be more involved in these activities. 

The Instagram celebrity now has over 800,000 followers who keep increasing by thousands every day.