The super successful real estate investor Graham Stephan in one of his videos from 2019, confessed that he wouldn’t be the person he is - if it weren’t for his past relationships. 

Recently, the YouTuber posted a picture on his Instagram on March 20, 2021, expressing gratitude for his fans for helping him hit the 3 Million subscribers mark on Youtube.

Rejected, Not Dejected

In the video posted by the YouTuber on June 8, 2019, titled The reason I’m single, Stephan confessed that he would not be the same person he is - if it weren’t for his past relationships.

The real estate investor shared how his first long-term girlfriend was there to support and encourage him right from the day he found out he wasn’t getting into college to the ways she helped him overcome the situation and get a real estate license.

Adding on, the investor admitted that his ex-girlfriend validated his efforts and encouraged him every time he felt unsure of his career.

Furthermore, Stephen mentioned his breakup as one of the turning points in his life. Recalling the time, the YouTuber expressed that he had no friends and money when his girl dumped him. He felt lost and poured all his frustration and anger into his work.

Stephan worked for three years straight to overcome his heartbreak, and the rest is history.

Looking back, the YouTuber says that he is very grateful for the heartbreak experience as it is the sole reason for where he is.

His Current Girlfriend

Stephan’s post from June 16, 2020, marking a year since his first date with his current girlfriend Savannah, reveals that he actually met her a week after his The reason I’m Single video.


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His girlfriend makes a regular appearance on his Instagram feed and, also on the few videos from his second YouTube channel, The Graham Stephan Show.

Savannah also has a YouTube channel named Savannah Smiles, where she posts personal videos weekly. With over eighty-six videos on her channel, Savannah has earned herself a healthy 41.5 K subscribers.

Hitting The 'Three Million Mark'

Talking about subscribers, the investor shared a picture on his Instagram on March 20, 2021, marking his milestone of hitting three million subscribers.

In the picture, the YouTube star is seen sitting amidst his assistant Jack Selby and his girlfriend. 


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His Net Worth

Although Stephan’s exact net worth is unknown, in an interview with Glamour on Jan 17, 2020, the YouTuber mentioned earning 1.6 Million yearly.

Further talking about his finances, the real estate investor revealed that he doesn't have any credit card or student loan debts, and has a saving of $1.8 M and $ 4 M on real estate investments.

In the same video, the YouTube star shared that he recently spent $585K on his duplex and an extra $80k on remodeling it.