Being the star of movies such as Silenced and Kim Ji Young, born 1982, which portray heavy messages about society, the Korean actor Gong Yoo has made quite an impression in the Korean Film Industry.

In addition to that, the success of his dramas, such as Goblin and Coffee Prince, has also earned the actor a huge chunk of female fans. With females drooling over him, Yoo confessed to still being single.

'I Am Still Very Young,' Says Yoo

The 41-year-old star is still very much single and not ready for marriage. He is not shy to mention his disinterest in marriage in his interviews. 

In one of his interviews with the Inquisitr magazine in December 2016, Yoo confessed that he hoped to get married and bear kids. He also acknowledged the fact that he should’ve already been married, considering his age.

The actor further confessed that although many of the friends of his age had settled in with their wives and children, he still considered himself young. Yoo even said that sometimes he felt the need to address his younger married friends as "Hyungs" [Big brother].

Someday I will marry and become a father, but I should've already had 2 kids considering my current age. In fact, my friends are parents of elementary students, but despite my age, I am still very young [mentally]. Just by what I see from others around me, I can tell that getting married, creating a family, and having kids is extremely difficult. I think that's also why my younger, married friends seem more like hyungs to me.

During the MBC Docuflex’s Coffee Prince special Youth Documentary, Yoo was asked about his thoughts on marriage and why he was not married. In reply, he clarified that he didn't plan to never get married but felt like he had missed his timing. 

Yoo Had A Girlfriend

The actor has had a relationship in the past; however, he kept her details under the wraps. The actor had confirmed having a girlfriend when he appeared on SBS’s talk show Because I want to Talk.

He mentioned that he once drunk texted his ex-girlfriend and received no reply. He texted her again the next morning, explaining that he was drunk. The actor admitted that he was glad not to have received any reply, as it prevented their relationship from getting any more awkward.

Dating Rumors Arise

Despite his straightforwardness, Yoo is not spared from rumors. He was recently rumored to be dating his co-star Kim Go Eun.

Actor Gong Yoo and Kim Go-Eun Together from the drama 'Guardian: The Lonely and Great God aka Goblin.' (Source: Soompi)

The on-screen couple from the TV Series Goblin were caught up in rumors about dating in real life. However, both of their agencies have dismissed this rumor by addressing that this is completely false information.  The rumor started after Eun broke up with her then-boyfriend Shin Ha Kyun. Eun's agency confirmed that her break up had nothing to do with Yoo.