TV metal detecting expert, treasure hunter, and author Gary Drayton is a married man with two gorgeous daughters of whom he seems to be very proud. Outside of collecting worldly treasures in exotic locations, he appears to have a very wholesome and lovely family life. 


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He has been keen on sharing pictures of his daughters on his Instagram. From visits to the beach, underwater caves and caverns to beautiful places like the Red Square in Moscow, they seem to have a very adventurous life. 

Katya Drayton 

Drayton’s older daughter Katya is a talented ice skater. He has proudly posted about her work on the ice on his Instagram, announcing that she goes harder for gold than he does. She was awarded the title of 'Figure Skater of the Year' by the Florida Gold Coast Figure Skating Club Banquet on July 11, 2016. 

Having already competed in a couple of regional competitions and gained valuable experiences she can share with younger skaters, she aspires to keep giving back to the sport she has always been passionate about.


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Anya Drayton 

The younger Drayton sibling, Anya Drayton, is already a proud mother to a gorgeous 7-month-old daughter, Oaklee. Baby Oaklee was born on July 15, 2020. She documents her relationship with her boyfriend on her Instagram page along with photos of her daughter.


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Despite posting so much about his daughters, Gary rarely posts about his wife, Jennifer Drayton. There is only one throwback picture about her on his Instagram.

The reality star has been living his life doing the things he loves, writing beach and water hunting-related books, as well as giving private treasure hunting lessons. His Spanish treasure-finds gained a lot of attention, even landing him several appearances on TV shows before becoming an official cast member of The Curse of The Oak Island as the resident metal detecting expert.

He gained attention with his out of the box thinking and unique metal detecting skills that he shows off on different sites and treasure hunts.