Moroccan-Canadian actress, Emmanuelle Chriqui, expressed her deepest desire to become a mother to an adopted child while dating her boyfriend, Adrian Bellani.

The kind-hearted actress has made a mark in Hollywood through her countless movies and television series. While she had always grabbed attention through her work, she stirred up the media back in 2016 when she mentioned that she genuinely wanted to adopt a child, and it had been her desire for a very long time. 

Her Desire for Adoption

There are so many orphan kids in the world in need of a loving home, and the actress’s desire for providing a home to the needy one is undoubtedly a humane thought.

While appearing on Conversations with Maria Menounos, Chriqui discussed her opinion on having kids by saying:

You know when people have that feeling about wanting to have a kid? I have that feeling when I think about having a little baby that needs a home.

She further added that she was also concerned about the genetic factor that ran in her family, which caused her parents’ death. She continued with an emotional tone that her sentiment for adoption deepened after she visited an orphanage on one of her trips and saw so many kids born under harsh circumstances. 

The interview went further, with the actress mentioning that her boyfriend, Adrian Bellani, wanted a child of his own with her. She elaborated on that matter by saying there could be a possibility of having a child of her own and an adopted child.   

Moreover, her desire for adoption is purely out of care for the children who desperately need a home that promises to provide them with stability and opportunity. 

Her Relationship With Adrian Bellani

The Entourage star and the charming Salvadoran-American actor, Adrian Bellani, had been a couple for quite a long time. Both the actors come from a different heritage, Chriqui being Jewish and Bellani being from a Salvadorian origin, making them an interfaith couple.

But faith had never been an issue in the couple’s life as they respected each other’s beliefs and knew their boundaries, which is a basis of a strong relationship. 

In 2016, the couple revealed coming together through professional collaboration with the development of a movie portraying a romantic-drama story, In This Life. 

The dazzling couple were often seen together in various events and stole the show with their incredible chemistry every time they were seen together.

Although the actress and model revealed her motherhood mentality, it remains to be seen whether she will adopt at some point in her life or have biological children with a husband in the future.