Hollywood divorces are often ugly. Celebrity couples look perfect on the outside, but they have a lot of problems behind closed doors.

They also have the wealth, influence, and often the chutzpah to allow things go downright nasty when they want a divorce.

Hip-hop mogul Dr. Dre has been fighting a messy divorce battle with his soon-to-be ex-wife Nicole Young, which has grown increasingly contentious over the past few months.

He was ordered to pay half a million dollars to his estranged wife's divorce lawyers by LA Superior Court Judge Michael R. Powell. 


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However, it was only ten percent of the whopping $5 million Young was demanding for her attorney fees. She had also requested Dre to pay her $2 million per month in spousal support.

But at the hearing Judge Powell gave 56-year-old Dre ten days to just pay $500,000 to Young’s lawyers and postponed the support issue for another hearing on July 8.

Young Filed for Divorce in July 2020

In July 2020, Young, who filed for the divorce, cited irreconcilable differences for the split after separating from her music mogul husband in March.

The two were married in 1996 and have two adult children, which means they do not have to deal with child support. 

But Young is seeking spousal support to maintain the lavish lifestyle she enjoyed as Mrs. Andre Young — which she said cost around $2.3 million per month.

Young omitted a prenup when she filed for divorce, but Dre said it does, in fact, exist. In the filing Young made, she claimed that Dre tore up the copies of their prenup as an act of love and regret few years into the marriage. 

Young claimed that Dre demanded she sign a prenup using “undue pressure,” and left her with no choice but to do so. She reluctantly signed it right before they got married. 

The prenup will determine the division of Dre’s of nearly $1 billion net worth, a fortune amassed through a successful music career, but mainly through selling Beats to Apple for $3 billion.

Young asked the issue to be kept separate from divorce, while Dre asked his property be divided according to their prenup.


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Dre Accused of Abuse 

The validity and enforceability of the prenup is not the only issue that Dre is facing. Dre has also been accused of being violent and causing emotional abuse during the 24-year marriage with Young. Earlier this year, Young detailed claims of abuse alleging that, 

He held a gun to my head, punched me in the head/face and slammed me up against a wall, and lifted me off the floor by my neck.

Young iterated that she is so verbally and emotionally decimated, she currently suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Dre has denied these claims, stating that these were not only a blatant lie, but Young also never called the police in their 24-year marriage.

Young counteracted by stating that “as I fell deeper in to the abusive relationship, my fear of Andre outweighed any confidence I had that the police could help me.”