Social media star Diego Martir has been in a few relationships since rising to fame on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

And often, his relationship is also the topic of his online content. In doing so, the 17-year-old social media personality has introduced two divas as his girlfriends over the years: Lauren Kettering and Desiree Montoya, and both of them are social media stars, like Martir.

But sadly for Martir and his fans, the El Salvador native has experienced heartbreak from both his relationships.

His Relationship With Montoya

Martir first started his relationship with Montoya in 2017. Their closeness was evident in their social media, especially on TikTok initially.

The two later launched a collaborative YouTube channel named ‘Diego & Desi’ in June 2018, which currently contains only one video titled “BOYFRIEND DOES GIRLFRIEND’S MAKEUP !! (TOO MUCH MAKEUP).”

However, their relationship came to an end in late 2019. The social media star even uploaded a video on his YouTube channel to confirm the news and share the reason for their split.

In the video, Martir expressed that he still cared for her even though they mutually decided to separate, and it was his move to break up because he needed a break.

Just want to say that I deeply, know, deep inside, I still care for her, and um, I wish nothing but the best for her. But me and [Montoya] broke up because okay we would argue like, Allah...yeah, it was my move, I told her that I needed a break you know and basically I broke up with her.

Later, he stated that the decision to break up was mutual because they kept arguing, and that continued “non-stop,” making things worse.

That being said, Martir and his former girlfriend Montoya still maintain a good friendship, and they often post pictures together. In the most recent instance, on February 16, 2021, Martir posted a series of snaps of him and Montoya and added a caption, writing, “hi, this is my annoying ass friend.”

In the pictures snapped at Fort Wayne, Indiana, the two are playing with snow and hugging each other.

Martir Relationship With Kettering

Moving onto Martir and Kettering’s relationship, the two began dating sometime in January 2020 after Martir had separated from Montoya. But very soon, they broke up and even unfollowed each other on Instagram. 

Surprisingly, they got back together again and shared the news through a YouTube video in April 2020. The video was posted on Martir’s YouTube channel, which saw both Martir and Kettering in the frame.

In the video, they talked about each other, their fights and later revealed that they were back together. The video’s description read:

Today we decided to record a video to let you know that we're back together again.

However, the reunion lasted for a brief time, as they separated for the second time in late 2020.

Present Relationship Status

Presently, Kettering is in another relationship with her boyfriend, Giovanny Valencia. They even celebrated 2021’s Valentine’s day together—and on that occasion, Kettering posted a picture of herself with Valencia, writing, “had the most beautiful valentine’s day w the one who i love most…”

As for Martir, he has not talked about his current relationship status yet. But one can argue that the social media star is back with his former girlfriend and present friend Montoya since Martir posted pictures with her around Valentines’.