Super Bowl XXXI MVP Desmond Howard has been working as a college football analyst for ESPN since his retirement in 2002. The former NFL player is quite humble about his achievements in the sport, as he describes himself as a “Michigan grad. I won a few trophies playing little football. I talk about football on tv for a living (won a few trophies doing that too)” on Instagram.

However, one thing he is really proud of is his family. Howard often posts about his sons on social media when he does not talk about work. That being said, he prefers to keep his wife and daughter out of the spotlight.

Howard Has Three Children

Howard retired from the NFL in 2002 after a very successful career. The next big step in his life after stepping down from the sport? Marriage. 

He married Rebkah Funk on May 31, 2003. Together, the couple has three children: daughter Sydney, and two sons, Dhamir and Desmond Jr.

His sons make frequent appearances on the former NFL star’s social media. There, he can be seen surprising his sons with a PS5 or spending time with them.

A Proud Dad

The sports analyst is not shy of showing off his sons to the world. On May 16, 2019, which was coincidentally a day after his birthday, Howard shared a clip of his son Desmond Jr. receiving an award, and he couldn’t be happier. He called it the best birthday present he received and added "#ProudFather" and "#HappyBirthday" to his Twitter post.

Howard also tries his best at parenting and has spoken about being a role model for one's children. He even shared in a tweet that one of his favorite ways to connect with his sons is through cooking, referring to them as his sous chefs.

He Hasn't Posted About His Wife and Daughter

For some unknown reasons, Howard has opted not to post about his wife and daughter on social media. If you go through his social media, you can see all kinds of posts about his work and funny videos, but there isn’t much about the women in his life.

However, his wife, Funk, has posted some pictures of their daughter.

Scott Torgerson’s Dead Joke Angered Howard’s Wife

Back in 2012, the football analyst's wife was quite furious at Ohio radio broadcaster Scott Torgerson’s joke. Torgerson had tweeted that he wished Howard, who used to play for Ohio state’s chief rival Michigan, would either get fired or die so that he could watch ESPN College GameDay again.

Torgerson later apologized for his tweet, but Rebkah wasn’t happy with the apology. She shared her discontentment with a sarcastic “Thx for the ‘apologizes'."