Major League Baseball (MLB) player-turned-manager David Wade Ross was a married man blessed with three children with his wife, Hyla Ross.

However, his hectic professional career made it challenging to spend time with his family. As a result, it caused a rift in his relationships, especially with his wife, which ended up in the pair getting a divorce.

A Not-So-Perfect Marital Relationship

The Bainbridge, Georgia native, and his now ex-wife first met during their high school days. Soon, they became friends and later converted their friendship into a romantic relationship. After dating each other for a while, the high school sweethearts shared their wedding vows on February 1, 2005.

However, their relationship was not perfect. The primary reason behind it was the former baseball player’s career. He always remained preoccupied with his baseball responsibilities, to the detriment of his relationships. Later, in 2016, after Ross bid farewell to his professional baseball career, he chose to spend more time with his family and strengthen their bond. 

The opposite happened as he got occupied with an ESPN gig, Dancing with the Stars, and then with his duties as a baseball manager. Because of that, things became more complicated in his already imperfect family life. The last nail in the coffin came in early 2020, when the duo got divorced.

As part of their divorce settlement, their three children’s responsibilities were handed over to Hyla, with a clause to let Ross visit his kids once in a while.

Details On The Former High School Sweethearts’ Children

The former baseball player and his ex-wife are parents to three adorable children, a son named Cole and two daughters named Landri and Harper. 

Although there were no complications during the birth of the first and second child, their third born, Harper, was delivered in an emergency, two months before the scheduled due date. The crisis arose after the licensed pediatric nurse suffered a partial abruption (when the placenta separates from the uterus).

Both the mother and child were in danger. Fortunately, the doctors successfully performed a C-section and delivered the baby. After the birth, baby Harper was kept in the neonatal intensive care unit for almost a month and later released after she was breathing comfortably with no assistance.

Following that, the family of five was relishing their family time. Sadly, it did not last forever as after a short period, the long-time pair ended their marital relationship.

Despite their separation, the two are working together to co-parent their kids.

Following his divorce, the Chicago Cubs’ manager is working on his relationship with his kids. And when the COVID-19 lockdown took place, the father of three got the perfect opportunity to do so as he spent most of his time with them.