Cherie Johnson is an American actress, author, producer, and columnist best known for playing Maxine Johnson in Family Matters from 1990 to 1998. During that time, she grew close to co-stars Darius McCrary and Shawn Harrison.

Fans of the actress were confused when she referred to Shawn as her husband and posted an anniversary post with Darius. Many were convinced that Johnson was married to one of the two co-stars. However, the posts seem to be made with no seriousness as she is not in a relationship with anyone.

Close With McCrary And Harrison

The confusion surrounding Johnson’s partner first arose when she tweeted a 26th-anniversary post with McCrary on December 15, 2015.

McCrary also responded in kind and wrote, “that day was written N the stars many moons ago & its still FRESH. Happy anniversary babe, love you eternally. Xoxo”. The two were likely referring to their first meeting in 1990 when they started filming in Family Matters.

A similar situation took place once again in April 2020 when Johnson referred to McCrary as her husband on Cherie's World Podcast.

The podcast episode was titled My husband Darius McCrary is here today on Cherie’s World Podcast *Audio Only*, which implied that the two were married when in reality, they were just joking.

Johnson also referred to Harrison as her love of love, confidant, and husband when she wished him a happy birthday in December 2020.

And this time too, many fans thought she was married to Harrison, which was not true. Johnson is currently single and not in a relationship with McCrary or Harrison. However, these posts go to show that the Family Affairs actors are close enough to joke about these things.

Cherie Johnson Claps Back At People For Asking About Her Ex

Despite joking about being in a relationship with her Family Matters co-stars, Johnson holds a different view when it comes to people inquiring about her previous partners. She expanded on her thinking on her blog and explained that she didn’t consider anyone her ex.

If I didn’t marry them, I have no kids with them, no property, no business then they DON’T count! I’m 43, get real everyone I went to dinner with I’m supposed to claim?

Cherie Johnson's Six-Year-Old Daughter

While the Family Matters actress might not take to people inquiring about her past partners well, she is very open about her motherhood. She has even written many accounts of her life as a mother to a six-year-old daughter in her blog, 'Advice For My Sistas.' 

She has a whole section dedicated to writings regarding her daughter and motherhood titled ‘Tales From Motherhood.’

There, she has shared all kinds of stories from her daughter’s pet fish having popeye disease to the list of books she will be getting for her daughter to read.