Chandra Wilson, of Grey’s Anatomy famehas been very secretive about her love life in the past. Now, she is starting to open up a bit regarding her relationship with her partner. 

She Has a Long-Time Beau

Unlike her on-screen character Miranda Bailey, Wilson prefers to keep her real life as private as she can. And even though she has attended a few events with her partner, to this day, she has not revealed his name to the media. 

Chandra Wilson with her partner

Chandra Wilson with her partner (Source: Liverampup)

A few reports claim that she has been married since 1998. Although, in 2007, she had cleared the air in an interview that she was in a relationship but did not have a husband. She had clarified that they were in a long-term relationship and would often go back and forth but always make it work. 

He and I have a 19-year relationship. We go back and forth, but it works for us.

Moreover, she has three children with her partner-two daughters, Serena and Joy, born in 1992 and 1998, and a son Michael, born in 2005. She has further acknowledged that the father of her children helps in raising the kids. 

Inside Her Family Life

Wilson has been working continuously for the past two decades, filming 17 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. She has admitted that her children have seen her rise to stardom, which has been an interesting experience. Her journey has been a surreal feeling for her and the kids, from pounding on the pavement for auditions to becoming a star celebrity. 

Moreover, the kids love accompanying her to events, especially her eldest, Serena. In fact, Serena attended the NAACP Image Awards, where Wilson was awarded the ‘Best Supporting Actress’ statuette. 

Chandra Wilson with kids at the premiere of Happy Feet in 2006

Chandra Wilson with her children at the premiere of Happy Feet in 2006 (Source: Liverampup)

Attending events is one thing, but following in their mother’s footsteps is entirely another.

Wilson has admitted that she does not think her children would follow her into acting because none of her three kids have expressed an interest. However, that may change with time.  

Besides that, when the 51-year-old actress is home, she likes to relax with her family sitting on the couch and eating tubs of ice cream. 

She Is Trying to Be the Best Mother Possible

Before her rise to stardom, she had to juggle a lot to be able to provide for her children. In an interview with Working Mother, she commented she went back to work five days after delivering her first daughter.

Moreover, she worked overnights and weekends as well so that she could spend more time with her children. 

Although now she works fourteen hours for five days a week for Grey’s Anatomy, even when she gets off work, her other job as that of a mom is constant. And so, she tries to balance her career and personal life to spend quality time with her children. All in all, she tries to be the best mother possible to her children.