The young actor, Chance Hurstfield, best known as Daniel Dixon from the ABC series A Million Little Things, has two happy homes — one on his mother’s side and the other on his father’s side with whom he lives. 

The Canadian actor maintains a solid relationship with both of his parents and their families. Hurstfield’s biological mom and dad separated when he was very young but are now happily married to their present spouses.

While his father, producer Adam H. Hurstfield married the Filipino-Canadian pop singer and content creator Elise Estrada twelve years ago. The youth sensation’s mother, a pre-school teacher, Aby Cervantes, lives a prosperous conjugal life with Scott Sutherland and their two gorgeous daughters—Faith and Luna.

The Proudest Big Brother on the Planet!

Hurstfield lives with his dad and his stepmom, Estrada. In September 2020, the 14-year-old took to his Instagram to announce that his dad and stepmom are expecting a baby soon. He shared a series of pictures of himself, his dad’s side family, and an adorable puppy. 

In the first picture, all three of them had a confused yet happy expression. While his stepmom, Estrada, held an ultrasound image of the baby in a baby pink short dress. His dad, Adam, wore black pants and a t-shirt and held a pink board that read, “Quarantining leads to either divorce or babies, Guess what we chose?” Of course, they had a baby. Meanwhile, Hurstfield sat between the soon-to-be parents with a dog wearing a navy blue t-shirt with a white-collar.

In the post, A Million Little Things actor revealed Estrada could not conceive for a long time but got pregnant the day after his uncle, Bert, passed away. He also called the baby a miracle incarnation of his uncle, who died because of Covid-19 in September 2020. Do you believe in REINCARNATION? he wrote. 

He asked his followers to guess the gender of the baby and stated that the first thing he wanted to teach the baby to become an actor. 

Not only that, but Fatman actor also thanked God for taking care of everything. 

Appreciation Posts to His Parents

Hurstfield never misses a chance to show his parents the appreciation they deserve on Instagram. From wishing them a happy birthday to thanking them on Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, he does it all.

In June 2020, on the occasion of his mom’s birthday, the emerging actor uploaded beautiful portraits of himself with his mother and her two daughters, wishing her the best day of her life. In the post, he talked about his mother’s hardworking and brave nature. 

He explained his mom was born in Mexico and later moved to Vancouver for College. Even though she didn’t speak a single word of English then, she quickly learned the language and made multiple friends. In the post, Hurstfield also shared that he respects and loves his mom a lot.

The actor also revealed that his mom, Aby, makes the best tacos and is an outstanding mom to him and his two little sisters—Faith and Luna. Apart from that, he also thanked her for being so supportive of his career and crazy schedule.

Similarly, in June 2020, Hurstfield also shared pictures with his dad on Father’s Day, calling him the best dad ever. He thanked his dad, Adam, for dedicating his time for the past decade to helping him fulfill his dreams. 

At such a young age, the actor has traveled all across the world and credited his dad for making it possible. He considers himself unbelievably lucky to have a dad who takes him on adventurous tours across continents. In the post, he also wrote about the duo’s magical time in the counties like Japan, Italy, Australia, England, and many more. Hurstfield also expressed his desire to make many memories in the future. 

The artist described his dad as a family man, kind, funny, and an amazing human being who always motivates and inspires him. 

In the post, not only did he wish Happy Father’s Day to his biological dad, but also his step-dad, Sutherland. He appreciated and thanked his step-dad for taking good care of his mom and sisters.