Blake Wilson, known popularly as BatDad, is an internet sensation who came into the limelight due to the funny videos he uploaded on the now-shut down Vine platform. He currently uploads his videos on YouTube, which he makes by wearing the mask of the renowned comic character, Batman.

However, BatDad is not only popular due to his family-friendly comedy sketches. The American Viner is also known for being a family person, who still co-parents his children even after separating with his wife, Jen Wilson.

BatDad Was Married To Wife Jen For A Long Time

The popular comedy video creator, BatDad, and his now-ex-wife, Jen Wilson, were together for a very long time. However, none of them had disclosed any information about where and when they shared the wedding vows.

Nonetheless, it is known that they were blessed with four adorable children, three daughters named Taylor Wilson, Kaya Wilson, and Sienna Wilson, plus a son named Ben Wilson. Their first-born is Taylor Wilson, whom they welcomed on December 21, 2004. Almost two-and-a-half-years later, on June 18, 2007, they got blessed with Kaya Wilson. Likewise, on June 26, 2010, the now-separated couple were blessed with their twin children, Sienna and Ben Wilson.

Since then, the family of six seemed to be very happy, and all of them used to be featured in almost every video that BatDad made and uploaded. However, things always don’t go the right way, and the same situation happened in the Youtuber's life.

BatDad And Jen Separated In Early 2019

Life was going pretty well for the popular content creator. He was uploading comedy videos, making his fanbase happy, and enjoying his time with his family. But, little did BatDad know what time had stored for him.

The Wilsons amicably got separated in early 2019, and to date, they have kept the reason behind their divorce up to themselves only. However, during an interview with TODAY, in 2013, BatDad had stated that his ‘Batman’ character oftentimes annoys Jen, and he feels bad for her.

Nonetheless, as this statement was almost six years ago from the date of their separation, it could not be said that it was the exact reason which made the duo part their ways.

The Ex-Couple Are Still Friends And Co-Parent Their Children Together

Following BatDad and Jen’s marriage dissolution, the custody of their children was to be decided. And, by looking at the American Viner’s recent Instagram posts, it seems that he was handed the responsibility of his twin children, Ben and Sienna Wilson, and the custody of his two daughters, Taylor and Kaya Wilson was given to Jen.

Even though BatDad and Jen got separated, the ex-pair seems to have maintained a grudge free friendship between them to raise their children in a good environment. On March 9, 2019, the Youtuber even uploaded a video of him and Jen through his Facebook account and captioned it as “Funniest Jen and BatDad Moments!

Moreover, after their divorce, the father of four was asked by a fan if he and Jen were still together. While replying to that, he said that they are not together anymore but are still friends and are trying their best to be the world's co-parenting champions.