American home builder, Marnie Oursler, who has been married to her husband Dave Canning since December 2013, is pretty low-key about her personal life.

She has neither been vocal about her relationship nor shared a glimpse of her married life on social networks. Due to this, people have begun to speculate whether the couple is together or not.

Oursler Got Married to Canning in 2013

Oursler tied the knot with Dave Canning in an exotic venue of Annapolis, Maryland, on December 31, 2013. The wedding took place at Huntingtown United Methodist Church. The venue was facilitated with felicitous accommodations, a soothing environment, mindful staff, presidential suites, and a royal ballroom.

Different events of Marnie Oursler wedding in 2012

Wedding Photos: Marnie Oursler weds Dave Canning in 2013. (Source: My Digital Publication)

If you didn't notice it yet, the marriage date is unique, too—New Year's Eve. It turns out, Oursler had always dreamt of a New Year's Eve wedding.

For her dream wedding, she wore a classic strapless gown and fur-trimmed cape while her partner donned a black tuxedo. The wedding and reception officially ended after the midnight festivities at 1 a.m.

Marnie Oursler and Dave Canning in their wedding day

Marnie Oursler and Dave Canning on their wedding day. (Source: My Digital Publication)

Interestingly, the families of the reality star and her spouse had known each other long before the wedding, for 25 years. Because of this, the bride and groom had always been part of each other's life in a way. And their wedding, in a true sense, turned their family friendship into family ties.

Is Discreet about Her Married Life

Since their beautiful wedding ceremony in 2013, the host of Big Beach Builds has remained low-key regarding her personal life. Her social media network, like Instagram, is jammed with the posts of her professional endeavors only.

Thus, the privacy of her romantic life has led people to wonder if she and her husband are still together. But, there are clearly no official statements or reports on her marriage. So, it would be inappropriate to make any assumptions about her married life, until the reality star opens about it herself.