Angel Coulby is as quiet as an empty dark road when it comes to her personal life. Till now, she has managed to keep all of her private life’s details up to herself only.

However, when she posted a video talking about climate conversation, through Twitter, on October 1, 2019, Coulby mentioned that she had recently become a parent. But, besides that, the talented actress didn’t reveal anything about who was the father of her child.

Nonetheless, there are gossips around the internet that the actress is in a relationship with her fellow Merlin TV series’ co-star Bradley James.

Are Bradley James And Angel Coulby Together?

The English actress Angel Coulby shared the screen alongside the talented actor, Bradley James, for the 2008-12’s hit BBC TV Series, Merlin. In the show, Coulby portrayed Gwen's role, who was also the wife of Bradley James’ character, Arthur.

James and Coulby's chemistry in the show was so amazing that many viewers thought they were together in real life since the show aired. And, speaking of real life, the co-stars have been seen together on multiple occasions.

Due to that, there are talks in Reddit and YouTube’s comment section regarding the two actors' relationship—some claim they are already married, whereas some claim they are not even dating. Likewise, many sites on the internet have also cited them as a husband and wife duo. And, most recently, in an article published on October 30, 2020, on Dailymail, it was stated that Bradley James was dating Angel Coulby around 2011.

However, neither James nor Coulby have confirmed any of these speculations regarding their love affair. So, without any official confirmation, it could be said that it just talks and lacks truth.

Besides, in the same article of Dailymail, which stated that James and Coulby were dating, it was said that the actor is now in a relationship with another actress named Maura Higgins—thus confirming that if the co-stars were together before (as rumored), they are at least not together now.

Angel Coulby’s Child Is Almost Three Years Old Now

Though the Merlin TV series actress, Angel Coulby, has not revealed anything about having a husband or a boyfriend, she has said that she is blessed with a son. She first shared about her child on October 1, 2019, while talking about climate changes and how it affects the children.

Most recently, while being interviewed by Broadway World on August 12, 2020, she stated that her son is two-and-a-half years old. In addition to that, she also said that her son kept her very much occupied during the whole lockdown period.

Angel Coulby Started Her Acting Career In 2001

If Angel Coulby’s personal life is like a desert, where nothing can be found, then her professional life is like a busy New York street, where everything can be found. Born on August 30, 1980, the British born actress learned acting at the Queen Margaret University.

In 2001, she finally made her small screen debut through the BBC comedy TV Mini-Series entitled 'Orrible. In 2002, Angel appeared in three television shows, two TV series named Casualty and Having It Off, and a TV movie named A Good Thief.

Slowly and eventually, Coulby began to mark her name in the field of acting. However, her skills and performance came to everyone's notice when she portrayed Gwen's role in the TV series Merlin—she was even nominated for a Golden Nymph Award in 2010.

Following that, she made her appearances in several TV series—The Tunnel (2013-18), Thunderbirds Are Go (2015-20), and Moving On (2020) — and TV mini-series such as Dancing on the Edge (2013), Undercover (2016), and Innocent (2018).