American stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster Andrew Santino are best known for movies and television series such as The Disaster Artist, Little Bitches, Me Time, House Party, Punk'd, Sin City Saints, Mixology, I'm Dying Up Here and Dave

In 2023, the Chicago native released his second stand-up special on Netflix named Cheeseburger, five years after the release of his first special Home Filed Advante in 2018. 

In this article, we exclusively cover about Santino's marriage with his wife. We also focus on his early family life, sister, net worth, gay rumors, and tour. 

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Is Andrew Santino gay?

Santino, known for his role in the comedy series comic I’m Dying Up Here, has had many speculations about him being gay going around.

Talking to Joe Rogan Experience podcast in 2019, Santino, who has joked about Jesus being gay, said that the internet thought he was gay because of a foreign publication (Liverampup) that implied he might be gay after he said in one of the posts that he married Chris D'Elia and that they were running away. 

To explain the gay hype, the magazine also referenced the character he played on How I Met Your Dad and one of his stand-up routines in which he said everybody was gay in third grade. 

The two had started talking about his sexuality when Rogan switched the subject from freemasonry to the theory of him being a "controlled opposition" and asked him about any such theory Santino had.

However, Chris is not gay and the post related to his fellow comedian Chris was just a prank. 

Since then, both Santino and D'Elia have mocked the situation by playing along with the assumption. 

In 2020, D'Elia faced scrutiny as multiple women came forward with allegations of sexual abuse against the actor.

While that remained a topic worthy of independent exploration, it clarified, beyond doubt, that Santino and D'Elia were not gay partners—it was an elaborate joke.

Is Andrew Santino married?

Santino is a married man who has never disclosed the identity of his wife. However, many online sources have either brought up the name of actress Sarah Bolger or the name of Daniel Brooks as his life partner. 

Andrew Santino and His Wife Both Hated Their Therapist

In April 2019, he uploaded a Twitter video of a woman donning a MAGA cap and signing an awkward rap supporting Trump. He titled the video my wife, which led many to ask queries about his marital status. 

The same year, Santino Talso talked about how he and his wife had no plans of getting married when they first got into a relationship. 

Santino is a married man who keeps his relationship very private. That being said, he still dwells in a lot of conversations about her in interviews. 

For instance, in the Good For You Podcast with Whitney Cummings, which aired in April 2019, the stand-up comedian talked about his relationship with his wife.

Starting as friends, he said they had been married for four years (13:00). He claimed that they still have a stable relationship with no awkward silence in each other’s presence after all these years of marriage. He called her his "oldest friend."

In the podcast, when Cummings asked him when he knew his wife was the one for him, he said he had a particular moment when he knew she was the one.

Initially, Santino never wanted to get married, and neither did his wife. They both neither cared nor had any plans of starting a family since both of them were very invested in their careers.

Because of certain issues, Andrew Santino and his girlfriend had started going to couples therapy during their relationship. He said they both hated their therapist since they didn’t like his ‘vibe’ and joked that they would bond over it.

One particular instance made him realize she was the one, and it happened when they were in therapy.

The moment he knew they would work out was after a heavy session of pouring their heart out. After two minutes of dead silence between the three of them, the pair started laughing at the sudden sound of workers incoherently shouting outside their window.

With the sudden change in atmosphere, he realized she got his humor, and that she was the one.

Talking about fights in their relationship, the comedian said he and his spouse only fought because of miscommunication, which gets resolved when he apologized.

He said the key to their relationship working out till now without a single dull moment and conversations running out was that they both were invested in their careers and had interests different from each other. 

How old is Andrew Santino?

Born on 16 October 1983 (age 39) in Chicago, Illinois, United States, to parents from whom he has derived Italian and Irish descent, Santino was raised in a household led by a single American mother, Elizabeth Marguiles, in Section 8 housing in River North Neighbourhood of Chicago.   

His father Anthony Santino was from Sicily, Italy, and worked in the United States in the port of Chicago. 

Santino doesn't have a biological sister but regards Ali Macofsky, also a comedian, as his good friend and sister.

What is Andrew Santino's Net Worth?

Santino's estimated net worth is $2 million dollars. Besides doing stand-up comedy, he currently hosts the Whiskey Ginger podcast and the Bad Friends podcast alongside Bobby Lee. 

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