Amiri King is very active on all social media platforms. His Instagram handle reveals that he has been on a dating spree since his split with ex-fiance Sara Ruminski. The YouTube star is currently dating a woman named Brittany Smith.

Keep reading to learn the former pair's relationship details and what happened to Amiri King and Sara after the split.

Amiri King and Ruminski's History

The parody artist is very open about his relationships on social media platforms. He likes to post pictures of the girls he is constantly dating. However, his marital status is still in question.

When King was dating Ruminski, he posted a lot about their relationship on his social media handles. On Twitter, he even posted about their engagement with a caption, "I'd be a fool ever to let you get away from me. So, I won't. Sara just got promoted."

Five months later, in January 2018, the YouTuber's tweet sparked the rumors of him taking their relationship to the next step as he addressed Sara as 'Mrs. King'. 

Following the post, many sources claimed that Ruminski was his wife. But there are no concrete proofs to back it up.

Not much is known about how the couple broke up, but the last picture the comedian posted of his ex-fiance was of her being convicted for the possession of heroin. 

After their split, King has been posting pictures of him with different women. However, since December, he has been openly dating Britanny Smith.

Amiri King's New Girlfriend

King posted about his new girlfriend Brittany Smith for the first time on December 15, 2020. The caption revealed Smith to be a Brazilian woman and that they had been dating for quite some time, with the caption ending in the remarks, "so far, so good."

He officially introduced her as his girlfriend on his youngest daughter Tilly's birthday post while enjoying dinner as a family.

Unlike King, his girlfriend is not that active on social media platforms. Her Instagram mostly features selfies.

According to one of King's Instagram posts, she is the type of woman who does not hesitate to take her partner on a date. The YouTuber proudly admitted that it was the first time in his life that a woman had bought him dinner. 

Looking back at King's long list of girlfriends, it was pretty hard to tell which one would stick around. However, judging by how he is quick to defend Smith across social media platforms and how their humor matches, we believe this could just be it.