With over 6 million subscribers, YouTuber Alpha M is a popular YouTube persona and lifestyle expert who is very skeptical about exposing his wife to the limelight. He ardently argues that he knew what he had signed up for when he first started, but his wife didn't.

As a result, YouTuber Alpha M tends to keep his wife away from the spotlight since he doesn't want her to face unnecessary criticism.

Alpha M. Talks about His Wife

Aaron Marino became a popular name with the Alpha M brand. This handsome YouTuber has time and again uploaded videos providing a glimpse of his personal life, failures, and success.

However, these videos don't cover the dynamic he shares with his wife, Tracey Woodard Marino. In fact, in more than 3000 videos the men's style guru uploaded on his Youtube, his wife has only been mentioned or appeared a handful of times. But this only further piqued his subscribers' interests.

To address that, Marino uploaded a video back on August 24, 2017, where he talked briefly about his wife and why he was not very forthcoming about his relationship with her. In the video, the stylist mentioned that he married his wife in 2007 after being in a relationship with her for 5 years. 

Alpha M with his Wife Tracey Woodard Marino

Alpha M with his Wife, Tracey Woodard Marino. (Source: Facebook

He also added that he was scared to bring his amazing wife to the criticisms and negativity of the YouTube platform, which had the ability to tear a person apart. He further added that if he and his wife had kids, he would also keep them away from the platform to protect them. 

His Q&A Video with Wife

As of 2020, Marino has uploaded only 2 videos on his YouTube channel doing Q&A rounds with his wife. In one of those videos uploaded on April 2020, he answered some burning questions that his followers had asked. You can't exactly see his wife in the video, but she more than answers the fan's speculations about her relationship with the style influencer, his annoying traits, and their height differences.

In the same video, one of the social media users had asked Tracey her insights on Alpha M making videos. She revealed that before the COVID-19 pandemic, she was quite indifferent to it, but after he started making videos in lockdown, she had to make some adjustments since she wasn't allowed to make any noise. The Q&A video also revealed the coupe's fascination with cats.

Another video posted by the YouTuber was on October 2020. The video uncovered a personal event between the two even started dating. In it, Mrs. Alpha uncovered that, years ago, she had broken up with him because she was overwhelmed by being with him as she had just gotten out of another serious relationship. However, she quickly realized that she needed Marino—she called him, and they got back together.