In addition to being iconic Hollywood actresses, Phylicia Rashad and Debbie Allen are sisters who have had each other’s back through the ups-and-downs in life. 

Rashad (73) and Allen (71) were supportive and were there for one another even before the dawn of their careers.

The daughters of Vivian Ayers, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated artist, were brought up in Houston, Texas, and Mexico. The sister duo’s life was influenced by art from the very beginning. 

The Cosby Show actress took to Instagram to wish her younger sister ‘a happy birthday ‘ on January 16, 2021. Rashid stunned in a white dress, whereas Allen looked radiant as ever in a black off-shoulder dress. She captioned the post as: 

 Happy Birthday to my sister, @TheRealDebbieAllen! ❤️ I love you!

In an interview with Closer Weekly, Rashad explained how she and her sister Allen used to support each other in the early days. The sisters always tried to uplift each other's spirits and made each other feel independent.  

When she (Debbie Allen) came to NYC from college, we took an apartment together and we’d hide money in each other’s pockets — but I didn’t realize she was doing it, too! That way we could still maintain a feeling of independence like we forgot we put it there.

Fast forward to decades later, both actresses might have built a successful career for themself, but their support and devotion to each other remain the same. 

In 2017, Allen showed her support towards her sister as she shared Head of Passes by Center Theatre Group. She captioned, "Don't miss my sister Phylicia in #HeadofPasses at the Taper in L.A.." 

In 2018, Allen, yet again, praised her elder sister Rashad for appearing in Drake's In My Feelings.

Rashad, on the other hand, chose Instagram to extend her love and support for her little sister. 

On December 27, 2020, Rashad and Allen went live for a session that lasted for forty-five minutes. 

The sisters were vibrant as ever as they complimented and caught up with each other.