Married at First Sight: Couples' Cam Season 2 is back with a host of old and new faces. The show will kickstart from where we left in the last season, following the newly-wed lives of our favorite couples. 

In this season of Couples Cam, three brand new couples will join the squad. When Karen and Miles, Amelia and Bennett, Amani and Woody join the series, the viewers can look into their lives and navigate their relationships from close quarters. 

How it all Began?

One of the most successful Lifetime docuseries, Married at First Sight, has entertained the audience since 2014. They had a simple concept. Singles have to marry a stranger at the altar and thus began a remarkable journey of two souls. Will their union be the happily-ever-after sort? It is for the audience to figure out.

As most love reality docuseries end with some grand prize, either in the form of cash or kind, this show offers a romantic fancy of a goofy wedding. When it ends, the participants are thrown back to their mundane lives, bringing about a line of annoyances. From loaded work schedules to everyday chores to forced trips that forge into the form of threat to their growing romance.

Most of the clashes that the couples of the show encounter mirror reality. When the audience watches the show, they may start reiterating an argument or a fight over some trivial issue with their partners. 

Married at First Sight has introduced the audience to several new relationship experts every season though the change was not very obvious. When it was featured back in 2014, a different panel of relationship experts judged the show, including Dr. Pepper, Greg Epstein, a sociologist, and Dr. Joe Cilona, a psychologist. With time, relationship expert Rachel DeAlto made his entry to the show. Later on, he was replaced by Dr. Jessica Griffin. 

A Prelude to the Present

According to Deadline reports, this socio-commercial experiment has developed into a popular mass concept, and the viewership has been ever-rising since. This is quite obvious considering the high-profile nature of the series, the stressful plot, and the pressure of bringing in fresh concepts every season. 

The series has mostly stayed true to its title as it documented the lives of some strangers. There have also been subtle changes from season to season, some of which went unnoticed even to the most loyal audience of the show. 

The Wait is Over

Season 2 is all about the couples commemorating their marital milestones and weathering the significant challenges from moving to a new apartment to having a baby. It premiered on February 4, and as promised, it showcases the intimate moments of the celebrity couples' marital life from an unfiltered point of view. 

This time the fan-favorite couples that will return on Married at First Sight: Couples' Cam are Doug and Jamie, Ashley and Anthony, Kristine and Keith, Shawniece and Jephte, Danielle and Bobby, Stephanie and AJ, Beth and Jamie, Greg and Drinks, Jessica and Austin, Amani and Woody and finally, Karen and Miles.

The show has been built around the drudgeries of life and how the couples fight every moment to keep their romance alive. This familiarity and fresh perspective have been introduced by design itself. 

What makes the show different from others is the candid revelation of life's complexities and couples' incompatibles that the other shows are devised to hide.