Luke Combs has been the center of attention not just for his fairytale 'boy-next-door to superstar' life story but also for being on the heavier side. The taunts and pokes thrown at him made him quite conscious. So three years ago, he embarked on a weight loss journey.

Accompanying the singer in this journey is his wife, Nicole Hocking. Their route and stops may not be the same, but their destination is.

Combs and His Wife's Weight Loss Journey

Combs came into the limelight in late 2016, but, alongside fame, he also began receiving negative comments related to his weight. However, those mockings were not new to him as he had been constantly bullied for being overweight even before receiving fame.

Having said that, he had started his weight loss journey already circa 2015. He followed a hard diet for a month and lost around 12 pounds in January 2015.

Then in early 2017, the singer shut down the negative comments passed at him once and for all. With trainer Kevin Klug's help, Combs got into a vigorous fitness schedule despite his busy career. Klug, according to his Instagram, is a personal trainer and founder of Klug Fitness.

Along with physical fitness, Combs temporarily changed his diet. He switched his diet after losing a football bet with his keyboard player, Neil Tankersley. However, he could not follow the vegan diet and failed at it after just 30 days.

Did I honor the bet for the whole 90 days? No, I did not. I made it just over a month and I just was like, 'Man, I don't really want to do this anymore.' So I made the bet with my keys player anyways, and I really debated on just firing him if I had to do the whole 90 days. So no, he was cool with me giving up.

Despite trying his best to stay on track, the Lovin' On You singer still got trolled over his weight after his now-wife Nicole Combs uploaded a picture of the two with a caption, "hey, you're hot."

But, this time, the mocking crossed the line as it was targeted at their relationship. So, Nicole spoke up and defended her man. She slammed all the negative comments as she tweeted a meme of a Facebook Marketplace ad for ‘these hands’ and captioned: "To everyone currently being less than pleasant to me on Twitter for dating a bigger guy."

She then urged people in the same tweet to let go of the double standards.

Speaking of his wife, Nicole Hocking — whom Luke engaged in 2018 and married on August 1, 2020 — has also been keen on losing her weight for a long time.

However, much like her husband, she too hasn’t been able to control herself and stick to her diet plan. For instance, in a tweet of August 2, 2017, she stated she would like to lose weight but couldn’t give up on wine and pizza.

From A Local Bar Singer To A Renowned Country Singer

Although he slowly lost his weight, Luke Combs didn't lose his vocal talent. Thanks to his relatable songs, his fan-following is growing with each passing day.

He has over 2.2 million subscribers plus 1.97 billion views in his self-titled YouTube channel and over 3.5 million followers on his Instagram handle.

Luke's amazing singing talent was first recognized in 2016 by songwriter Jonathan Singleton when Combs was singing his original song 'Hurricane' in a local bar in Nashville.

As a local boy, he had already maintained an excellent reputation for himself, and when he walked up to the stage, Jonathan got shocked by the buzz Luke received. Seeing his popularity and talent, Jonathan decided to work with Luke and eventually signed a deal with him.

Luke then released his song 'Hurricane' to the global audience, which later became triple platinum.

Since then, Nashville's local boy has never looked back and has continued to give his best in every song/album that he has made. His talent was further honored when he was nominated for the 2019's Grammy Awards in the category of 'best new artist.'

Some of Luke's hit songs are 'When It Rains It Pours,' 'One Number Away,' 'She Got the Best Of Me,' and 'Beautiful Crazy.' On November 8, 2019, Luke released his new album entitled 'What You See Is What You Get,' which had 17 songs.

Luke Dedicates His Success To His Parents

Combs is as humble as one can get. He wholeheartedly dedicates all of his success to his parents, father Chester Combs, and mother, Rhonda Combs. 

He has now had seven consecutive No. 1 singles, sold-out tours, and a platinum-selling debut album, all of which has helped him rake in big bucks thanks to his encouraging mother.

While talking about his mother’s involvement in his musical career with Pop Culture on March 4, 2020, the singer stated that his mother suggested he play guitar and start a musical career. A mother's push was all that was needed. He began writing songs and playing them to an audience, first in his hometown and then to people worldwide.

Luke dedicates all his success to his supportive parents. And he is happy he can support his guardians financially to travel around places and experience things they always wanted to do.