The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC) star Jen Shah has expressed her gratitude to her fans and genuine friends following her arrest for fraud and money laundering On March 30, 2021. 

Shah Is Grateful for #Shahsquad More Than Ever

Last Tuesday, the reality show star and her assistant, Stuart Smith, were taken into police custody and charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering.

Shah and other members of her “Shah Squad” are accused of getting involved in a national telemarketing scam that targeted elderly victims above the age of fifty-five using shady “lead lists.” 

Since then, the socialite has been put under restrictions that prevent her from moving funds over $10,000 without permission. It also prevents her from leaving the state of Utah or the country while she battles the charges. Further, she won’t be able to use her credit cards without permission, and she won’t be able to do any telemarketing.

Throughout the weekend, Shah shared many #FreeJen messages from fans wishing her well as she deals with the legal issues. She is facing substantial criminal charges that could land her in jail.

She also speaks about her detention after pleading not guilty and remains free on a $1 million bond following her charges on April 2, 2021.

“Thank you for being loyal, believing in me, and not believing the hype,” Shah wrote on her Instagram Story with the #FreeJen meme on April 3, 2021. “This journey has showed me who my true friends are. All my love. #ShahSquad.” 

Later, she reposted and thanked her genuine fans and well-wishers for supportive messages. 

The Bravo star’s secretary, Smith, also pleaded not guilty. They could face up to thirty years in jail if convicted, and a trial date for October 2021 was set.

Relationship With Husband

In late 2020, Shah joined The Real Housewives franchise, giving the viewers a glimpse of her loud personality. She’s also no stranger to drama and controversies. However, her husband’s name was not mentioned in any of the illegal charges she recently went through.

The Shah Beauty owner is married to Sharrieff Shah; their relationship was a focal point of RHOSLC season one. The couple is blessed with two children — Sharrieff Shah Jr., born in 1994, and Omar Shah, born in 2003. 

She also discussed on the show how meeting her Muslim football coach husband in college changed her perspective on religion in the season premiere of the show. Eventually, she became a Muslim herself. 

According to 2014 reports from, Sharrieff was named one of the “10 coaches who adapt and thrive,” and five of his players played in the NFL.

Sharrieff “trained players for the NFL Combine while practicing law. He also served as a licensed agent for the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) from 1996 to 2002.” 

Even though he is not the head coach, as many fans assumed, he certainly has made a name for himself in the sports industry.