Visionary filmmaker David Lynch has been introducing Transcendental Meditation (TM) in the lives of at-risk populations through his non-profit organization David Lynch Foundation (DLF).

Since its inception in 2005, the organization has introduced TM in the lives of over 500,000 children and adults—many of whom have vouched for it.

The organization has also funded many universities to conduct research to assess the program’s effectiveness on academic performance and various mental health problems.

DLF’s Vision

Being a non-profit organization, DLF is dedicated to helping the at-risk population by implementing TM programs in their everyday lives.

The evidence-based program has been proved to improve the cognitive capabilities, health, and performance of the individuals who take part in the program.

It is focused mainly on the at-risk population who suffer from chronic stress-related disorders that fuel violence and crime. For the same purpose, DLF also raises funds that help implement the TM pilot program in institutions that serve at-risk populations.

Famous Personalities and TM

On the official website of DLF, various politicians and celebrities have shared positive responses about TM.

In the testimony video provided by former US president Bill Clinton, he highlighted TM’s massive impact in significantly improving academic performances.

Alongside the educational benefits, Clinton also shared that TM has helped reduce stress and violence in impoverished communities. 

Another famous name that specifically talked about the positive effects of introducing TM into schools was legendary singer-songwriter Sir Paul McCartney, 

In the video, McCartney provided an analogy where he compared TM as a seed that would do wonders if implemented into children’s lives. McCartney added kids loved the meditation and that it was bringing forth results.

Additionally, famous philanthropist and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres also shared her personal experience with TM. In the third annual Change Begins Within, DeGeneres revealed to the crowd that she had been doing TM for a year now.

She addressed that compared to other meditation techniques, TM was the one that helped her find the stillness within. At the end of her video, she also thanked Lynch for such a fantastic initiative.