Chase Severino had a public breakup with his fiancee Whitney Way Thore in May 2020, after he cheated on her with an ex-girlfriend Sara Jackson

While Severino has been gushing about his baby daughter Aurora Joyce on his Instagram and sparking engagement rumors with his mistress, Jackson, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star has been making headlines for her insecurity and mental health

Thore, who was once the beacon ray of hope for body positivity, started questioning if her fiancé would have remained faithful to her if she looked different.

Her fans had been very receptive to her pain and decided to vent their rage on her ex-fiancé. 

Hateful Comments on Severino and His Daughter

On February 15, 2021, Severino shared a series of screenshots on his Instagram showcasing the hatred he had been subjected to since his breakup. 

The screenshots were from his Instagram direct messages, the messages from people who were less than happy about how his relationship with Thore ended. 

"You took a sweet wondering amazing woman and broke her heard you are the lowest of the low [sic]," wrote one angry fan. She wished for Severino to "NEVER EVER EVER" have another happy moment for the remainder of his life. And those were only the first few lines of a very long message. 

"You're a absolute cheating scum kill yourself [sic]," wrote another. 

While some of those comments were targeted directly at Severino, there were a few people who were so enraged that they let out on his infant daughter too. 

"You know the likelihood of your daughter being cheated on is 1000000%," read yet another message, "Your baby will have PCOS. LOL" 

And the ones mentioned above were the ones that we could publish without censorship. There were plenty more with vile and obscene things wished upon Servino. 

Hate Fueled His Fire

However, Severino has made the best out of an impossible situation.

In the caption, he explained how he received quite a few messages on his socials. Although he usually went through most of them, he did not respond to them because of time constraints. 

Adding further, he assured that the screenshots he'd posted were not for public sympathy. On the contrary, it was a thank you note. 

Apparently, he had channeled the hate in such a way that it motivated him to become a better version of himself every passing day. 

He revealed that because of messages like the ones mentioned above, he gave his best to being a great father and propelled his career such that he has been able to create a comfortable life for himself and little Aurora. 

Not just that, he had found the dedication to hit the gym every day and show the utmost love and care to the mother of his child. 

He Felt Sorry for the Haters

Severino added that he felt sorry for the people who had nothing better to do than spread hatred and wished that they learn to live a life a little more free of hate. 

He admitted that he blocked every individual who sent him a negative message because he believed that he should not let somebody be exposed if he was an irritant to them. 

He also stated that about three-quarters of the messages he received were supportive, and although he couldn't respond, he passed on his thanks. 

Closing the long caption, he said that one could either wallow in the past or learn from it and propel themselves forward. Apparently, he chose the latter path for himself.