Comedian Bob Menery's story is nothing short of the classic rags to riches tale of persistence, hard work, and of course a bit of luck. At age 28, he'd given up on his deadbeat job as a caddie and returned home. Then suddenly when a video went viralhis life took a complete turn rendering him a successful podcast career and legions of followers and admirers.

33-Year-Old Bob Has Always Been A Funny Guy

Born in 1987, in Massachusetts, Bob always wanted to make everyone around him laugh. In January 2020, he uploaded a video on his YouTube Channel that provides a brief glimpse into his personal life starting from his childhood.

According to his video, as a kid, Bob used to goof around and make his friends and teachers laugh. Growing up, he'd always put his sportscaster voice when he was around his friends. However, the journey to be a famous podcaster and comedian was not easy. Being open about his struggles, Bob through his video says that he never landed a comedy gig during his stay in LA and had to sleep in his car for a while.

Bob Menery Tried Acting But Ended Up As A Caddy In LA

He spent four years trying to be a comedian, during which he did odd gigs like a fake acting coach and a caddy in Wilshire Country Club. While he held the bag for many famous people, he recounts holding the bag for Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers almost a dozen times.

However, his life as a caddy barely made him any money and did not help in his comedy career. Frustrated, he returned to Boston. One eventful night, he did his famous sportscaster clip, which went viral and changed everything for good.

New Doors Opened For Bob After His Viral Video

Completely unaware that his clip went viral, Bob was shocked to see over 300 missed calls on his phone. As his newfound fame finally settled, he knew he was on a new journey. Understandably, he had trouble figuring out what to do next with his newfound fame.

He eventually set up an Instagram account and garnered legions of fans. He also has started his Zapped Podcast where he provides an unfiltered take on various contemporary issues surrounding sports and pop culture.

After his fame, Bob also had a chance to call a game for Salt Lake Screaming Eagles, a famous team from Indoor Football League. He also joined BRAVO Pay, a payment application company, as a strategic advisor.

Bob Menery’s story is that of perseverance, hard work, and the testament to the power of social media. Until one keeps following their passion and does not give up, age is just a number and success is always just a viral clip away! Even after giving up on his LA dreams, Bob Menery continued to make people around him laugh and eventually stumbled onto success.