American Chef Andrew Zimmern is a renowned personality in the culinary world. He is equally dedicated to positively impacting others’ lives through his platform, whether by being a role model to others or getting involved in charity works.

He recently hosted a fundraising program through a virtual live event, 'What’s Eating New York,' where he had a conversation shedding light on various issues affecting New Yorkers’ lives.

Using His Platform For Good

Despite being a culinary-rockstar, his humble and grounded mindset and the desire to make selfless contributions to those in need of help make him amazing as a person. 


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He has been involved with SUS Org’s virtual event series named 'What’s Eating New York'. It is a fundraising event that showcases various issues such as hunger, poverty, and homelessness, impacting New Yorkers’ lives.

The stimulating conversation’s primary focus is to bring people’s attention to critical issues and encourage them to help maintain social balance.

Zimmern also expressed his gratitude towards the organization for allowing him to advocate on such essential matters and be a part of a positive change.


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Not only that, but the culinary expert has also been involved in supporting the culinary industry through hard times during the COVID-19 lockdown by being a part of the Independent Restaurant Coalition. 

The US trade group was established during the pandemic with the involvement of various chefs and independent restaurateurs and with the vision of saving small restaurants affected by the global crisis. 

According to the chef, the trade group has fought for passing restaurant stabilization funds from Congress and held an online petition to support the policy.  

Zimmern’s empathy that drives him to get involved in such social activities also comes from his share of experience through poverty and homelessness.  

Zimmern’s Struggles In his Early Life

Although Zimmern has made a mark in the culinary world through his passion and dedication, he was once a hopeless case when he struggled with substance abuse. 

As mentioned in an Artful Living interview, the celebrity chef said that his addiction led him to be homeless in 1990 when he was evicted from his apartment. Adding to it, he mentioned he slept on a pile of dirty clothes and didn’t get to take a shower in a year.

Out of frustration and helplessness, he tried drinking himself to death. After about a couple of years, his life took a new turn when he finally realized that he wanted a change from the miserable life that he was living. He began sobering up and focusing on what life had to offer. 

Passion for Food Turned His Life Around

Before the addiction took a toll on him, Zimmern already had a decent culinary career in New York. However, after a period of setback, he once again set foot in the culinary world, but this time his dedication and passion paid off as he is now one of the most influential celebrity chefs in America.

Not just that, he is also a restaurateur, entrepreneur, food critic, television and radio personality, producer, and author. 

Zimmern, who has been honored with James Beard Award and Effie Awards for his culinary accomplishments, has dominated the screens with his brilliant TV shows such as Bizarre FoodsFood Network series, and Andrew Zimmern Cooks.

His passion for food has led him from being homeless to a world-renowned chef with a net worth of $14 million. His life has been a bumpy road, but he proved that anything is achievable with hard work and dedication.