Everyone wants their wedding to be special and unique. There are tons of wedding themes and styles to choose from but to bring that personal touch, people are becoming more creative and going all out with themed weddings that feature their favorite fantasies. 

At times a fantasy-themed wedding can get a bad rap, but when done right, one can definitely bring their visions to life. 

And that was exactly what Jennifer Landa did. As a lifelong fan of Stars wars, she and her husband Joshua hosted a Star Wars-inspired wedding celebration that went viral. 

More About Jennifer And Joshua’s Wedding

The beautiful Star Wars-themed wedding of Jennifer and Joshua was not only a success but also gained traction and was covered by many publications including Huff Post on February 2nd, 2015.

The couples said their vows and "I Dos"  on the rooftop of loftSEVEN Penthouse in Downtown L.A. that had a picturesque view of the skyline. 

As astounding as it may sound, the bride was the one vouching for the whole ‘Star Wars’ theme as she tells the Huff Post that her obsession ‘runs deep.’

Reminiscing her beautiful talk-of-the-town wedding, the bride told the Huff Post that rather than making the wedding all geeky and stuffed with references, they chose to make it subtle. However, for their reception, they went all in and had lightsabers for everyone, but the icing on the cake was when the bride's father emerged on the dance floor dressed as Darth Vader.

My husband and I decided that if we kept the 'Star Wars' details more subtle, it'd be a fun and whimsical way to show my love for that galaxy far, far, away...Although when it came to the reception, we decided to let loose and have lightsabers for all and an appearance from the Darth Father of the Bride!

The bride took to her YouTube channel to answer the most frequently asked questions about her wedding. 

She started off the video by Q&A by revealing the identities of the fabulously equipped Strom troopers. She mentioned that the couple was lucky to have their friends Michael Bender and Mark Edwards, from the 501st Legion, a costuming organization for the Star Wars fans.

Her Favorite Details From the Wedding

The bride then goes onto talk about her favorite Star Wars details in the wedding. She mentioned that her favorite part of the wedding was the self-made stormtrooper-inspired belt she donned at her reception. 

Another detail she loved was her Millennium Falcon that was perched atop the flower sculpture (which represented the Cloud City) to make it look like the falcon was flying.

The bride confessed that she initially wanted a millennium falcon cake made by Kimberly Baily, owner of The Buttery End Cakery. However, to keep the wedding subtle, the couple went with a simpler cake by Bailey with a Tauntaun and Wampa topper, which had all the details that made her fall in love with it.

The bride also paid tribute to the classic Star Wars character Princess Leia by featuring two Leia flower girls with the iconic Leia Buns.

In her video, she also gives out some advice for the people who would like to carry out the same kind of wedding. Her advice ranged from adding subtle details to featuring some surprise elements to the whole event.

AMM’s Advice For A Star Wars Wedding

As the popularity of the themed weddings skyrocketed, AMM, American Marriage Ministries, did an article to help the couples who want to plan their own Star Wars-themed wedding.

In their article, AMM compiled a list of recommendations and advice from other couples to help future brides and grooms create their own Star Wars-themed wedding. 

At the top of their list was to hire a wedding planner, followed by deciding the aesthetics, choosing a venue, defining your color palette, and designing the wedding invitations.

The second portion of the article focused more on costumes and decoration ideas like how one could incorporate Star Wars 

AMM ends the advice by recommending couples to include some memorable reception elements like including an interactive photo booth so that the guests will always remember how much fun they had and how unique the wedding was.