Having already carved out a decent career in acting and as a model, singer, and dancer, Meg Donnelly doesn't shy away from using her influence in talking about mental health-related issues. No stranger to mental health problems herself, the Disney Star uses her social media platform to generate awareness and offer her experiences on spotting anxiety and proactively addressing the issue. 

Who Is Taylor Otto?

Primarily known for her portrayal of Taylor Otto in the hit American TV series American Housewife (2016-2020) and her role as Addison in Disney's Z-0-M-B-I-E-SMeg Donnelly has a lot more to offer apart from her acting chops and a charming personality.

Meg Donnelly has Dealt with Anxiety from Early in Her Life

When talking about the unpleasant part of Donnelly's childhood, her anxiety-related issues crop up at the top of the list. The multitalented artist has suffered from anxiety all her life.

According to Modern Wellness Guide in 2019, Donnelly revealed that she used to have stomach aches and panic attacks as a child. In May of 2020, which is also marked as Mental Health Awareness Month, she did an Instagram live session with Dr. Arash Anoshiravani where she revealed further information about her own experiences with mental health problems during her childhood. 

In the session, she said she suffered from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and panic attacks. She also confided that revealing her personal health detail was a big deal to her and a few people in her life knew about her condition back then.

"I could barely leave my house when I was little," she can be heard stating in the Instagram video.  back then

However, on a positive note, Donnelly jovially asserted that she is better thanks to all the support she received. 

Donnelly On Parents' Roles in Children's Mental Well-Being

The Modern Wellness Guide 2019's article also mentioned that she credited her parents for their unending support during the tough times she faced as a child. Later, in one of her Instagram posts in August, 2020, she shared a video of herself and her father dancing together.

In the post, she wrote that growing up, the dance-off was a weekly routine, which just goes on to show the friendly and open relationship the father-daughter duo shared between them. Having gotten a lot of support from her parents, she realized the importance they can play in dealing with psychological issues.

Talking to family members, or simply finding someone to talk about your problems are some of the aspects she frequently highlights through her social media handle. She also, at times, provides a few tips and important links prompting individuals suffering from mental problems to seek timely and appropriate help. and she provided for keeping yourself mentally sound. A few other tips include putting your phone down, logging off from social media, and focusing on yourself, protecting your privacy by not keeping your whole life on social media, and above all, engaging in meditation, yoga, or starting a journal.

Donnelly is Vocal About Mental Health

Donnelly's personal experiences have led her to address and act from a position of influence about mental health issues. She is active on social media and occasionally posts about mental health subjects, especially so on her Twitter.

On the social media platform, she has also taken a stand against bullying, which is also a considerable factor contributing to people's mental problems. On October 16, 2020, she posted a thread on Twitter where she wore a purple dress in support of Spirit Day — a day observed for speaking out against LGBTQ bullying. The hashtags on the post," #LGBTQ" and "#ChooseKindness," also showed her focus on the matter.

Furthermore, The Z-O-M-B-I-E-S actress is heavily associated with Children's Health Fund, a non-profit organization, and does various fundraising activities with them. Her Instagram live session about anxiety and panic attacks was in collaboration with them. Just recently, on October 7, the singer/songwriter dedicated her performance to a virtual benefit programurging her followers to contribute to making positive change for children's mental wellbeing during the pandemic.