The world is already familiar with the uber-successful Lilly Singh. She is constantly in the public eye and making headlines, but she keeps her love life away from the spotlight. The YouTube star has gone on record and admitted that she prefers to keep her dating life completely private.

Even after a decade in the limelight, fans and tabloids cannot dig up much about her love life. 


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In the 2020 edition of her candid Q&A video, a fan asked her why she kept her relationships private. She said that many people are curious about her love life and admitted that she is indeed very private. She then clarified that it’s not because she has anything to hide but because she thinks public relationships are a “recipe for disaster.”

She then added that an online relationship allowed thousands of strangers to comment about the relationship, which inevitably influences how the partners communicate with one another and view each other. She opines that such an outcome is not fair for either of the partners.

Singh’s Rumored Boyfriend

The last time Singh was rumored to be dating someone was in the year 2015. The alleged beau in question was fellow Palestinian-American YouTuber Yousef Erakat, who goes by the handle FouseyTube. Erakat's content, which included skits and pranks, was very similar to Lilly's at the time.

Singh and Erakat collaborated in several videos, with each making appearances on the other’s channel frequently. One of the videos they made together was titled Dating a YouTuber Be Like. That was until 2018, when Erakat announced he was giving up his YouTube channel for good, telling his 10 million followers, “It’s not worth it.”


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The news came after the YouTuber publicly spoke about being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression. The same year, Singh and Erakat had completely stopped making videos, and fans started speculating their breakup. 

Erakat officially put an end to the rumors when he took to his channel and posted a video which has since been deleted to reveal that he was dating someone new. Despite his claims on quitting YouTube, the FouseyTube channel is still very active today.

Singh Comes Out as Bisexual

In 2019, the YouTube star revealed one of the biggest truths of her life through an Instagram post, writing that she identifies as a bisexual. In the captions, she wrote a short but powerful note and opened up about being bisexual.

Throughout my life, these have proven to be obstacles from time to time. But now, I’m fully embracing them as my superpowers.


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In September, Singh shared an emotional post on Instagram to mark a year since she came out as bisexual. The YouTuber revealed that although she was relieved about coming out, she was disappointed when she realized not everyone was supportive. 

She detailed adjusting to her new reality in the post and concluded by encouraging people to be kinder and compassionate. She then went onto share her experience of dating women in her NBC show. The audience definitely had a good laugh. 

Right now, Singh could either be in a relationship, or she could be single, and we won't know because she is good at keeping it a secret.