City Girls rapper Yung Miami is all lovey-dovey with the 'Papi' of her life as she enjoys her love life to the fullest.

On November 14, 2022, the Revolt's Caresha Please podcast host Miami uploaded a series of pictures with a video on Instagram showcasing her living room decorated with dazzling rose bouquets. And there also proudly stood a card on top of one of the bouquets that wrote, "I love you! Love, Papi."

The pricey setup was an effort made by her 'Papi" to highlight their strong bond. 

 After she uploaded the pictures, many speculated that her relationship with her boyfriend Sean Jones, known as Diddy, was finally over as a new person ('Papi') impressed her. There had also been reports on the possible breakup between Diddy and Miami in prior weeks to months.   

Who is 'Papi?" Are Diddy and Yung Miami still together?

With the Instagram post, Miami shut all the breakup rumors down as "Papi" is no other than Iddy. It's the nickname that she uses for him.

In the Instagram post, Mail Online reports that she wrote, "The way you make me feel these days...I'm crying. My heart can't take it." Also, in a recent post dated November 22, 2022, the Good Love singer was posing comfortably on Sean Jones' lap wearing a see-through mini dress.

In the caption, she showcased her happiness in his song 'Gotta Move On,' reaching the top of the charts. "Congratulations on going #1 @diddy !!! Well deserved.. I'm so proud of you; your hard work and dedication never go unnoticed KEEP INSPIRING," she wrote.

Who is the birth father of Yung Miami's son Jai Malik Wiggins Jr?

Caresha Romeka Brownlee, popularly known as Yung Miami, mourned the loss of her baby daddy, Jai Wiggins, in 2021. She was emotionally moved by the incident that took away an integral part of her son's childhood—his father. The duo had separated in 2015 and were co-parenting their son  Jai Malik Wiggins Jr.

 She took to Twitter to express her sorrow to her fans and followers on November 14, 2021. 

"I'll give up everything to have my baby daddy here with me again!" she wrote on her first tweet, adding a crying face and a pleading face emoji. In the next post uploaded seconds later, Yung Miami walked down memory lane, recounting how they had been through everything together.

She even mentioned Wiggins wanted her to be happy before heralding him as the "most genuine person" she had in her life. Then in the third tweet, the musical artist expressed she was "so sad" aboutut his loss.

Her sadness and grief also got reflected when she tried performing in a show with her City Girls partner, JT, at the revolt summit the same day. But, unfortunately, the 28-year-old couldn't perform over two songs and, consequently, her team had to cancel the show abruptly.

Later, when an entertainment website, The Neighborhood Talk, shared a clip from the show on Instagram, fellow rapper K Goddess empathized with the rapper. She stated how dealing with a loss could be challenging, especially when the lost one is someone you were very close to. 

What caused Jai Wiggins' death?

Wiggins died on June 15, 2020, after sustaining life-threatening injuries during a shooting.

And Miami says that the day of his death was one of the hardest days of her life. She was filming a music video for one of her songs when he was on his deathbed. 

Yung Miami's Relationship with Late Baby Daddy Jai Wiggins

Yung Miami was in a rocky relationship with Jai Wiggins for years. They gave birth to their child, son Jai Malik Wiggins Jr., in 2013. 

Yung Miami's son standing in front of her late baby daddy posters.

Miami's son Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. standing in front of her late baby daddy, Jai Wiggins's posters. (Photo: Instagram)

Two years later, Miami ended her relationship with her baby daddy because of his apparent violent behavior. He had allegedly pulled the Florida native out of a car and punched her in the face and head. 

Considering the violence, the young mother filed a long-term protective order against Wiggins and won sole custody of their son. Meanwhile, Wiggins completed a domestic violence batters' course and parenting classes. 

The sessions helped, and the two started co-parenting their son. But, in the meantime, they also moved on in their life.

The musical artist started dating her producer boyfriend, Joshua Howard Luellen, famously known as Southside. 

Yung Miami and Her Second Baby Daddy Have a Daughter

Yung Miami and Southside dated briefly and welcomed their daughter, Summer Miami Luellen, on October 16, 2019.

However, the relationship with her second baby daddy didn't progress well, and the rapper parted ways with him. 

Yung Miami's second baby daddy and daughter.

Miami's second baby daddy Southside and daughter Summer Miami Luellen. (Photo: Instagram)

Moving on, she got romantically linked with fellow rapper Sean Combs, known chiefly by his stage name Diddy.

The speculation regarding their dating started after they were spotted holding hands at Control Music CEO Pierre "Pee" Thomas's birthday party in June 2020. 

Then, the 'Twerkulator' rapper added fuel to the fire with an Instagram post in August 2021. She was seen kissing a bottle of tequila while sitting on Diddy's lap in the now-deleted picture.