Willie Taylor's wife Shanda Denyce had previously called the rapper out for leaving her on her own with four children. She even accused him of not being able to stand her being happy. 

Shortly after, Taylor took to his Instagram to clear the air. Apparently, he wanted some time off to focus on his mental health issues, but he didn't want it all on the internet. 

Willie Taylor Desperately Needed a Break

"I love my family, but sometimes you need a break," Taylor clarified while overlooking the scenery in Sedona, Arizona. He further added that he left to focus on getting his mind together. He said, 

I didn’t want to die so I came to get some peace.

Further along in his log, he affirmed that his wife had asked him for money, and he sent it to her. But, his wife took the drama to the next level when she got the internet involved, which he claimed he would have never done. 

The rapper, who rose to fame thanks to Sean Combs and his Making The Band search in 2007, explained that he had to leave because the relationship was toxic.

Despite all that transpired between the two, Taylor had nothing but well wishes for his spouse.

He confirmed that he was in touch with the kids. His children were supportive of him taking some time off to focus on his mental health. 

Willie Taylor's Wife Shanda Denyce Called Him Out

Taylor was always against throwing his personal life around on social media. Instead, Taylor was reacting to what his wife had posted a while ago. 

With a full-body selfie securing a spot on her feed, Denyce said all she had to with the caption. She started by noting how she had never felt so good from the inside and out, but it was sad because "people" didn't like it.

"Cause they are used to u being unhappy," she quipped before adding that seeing her happy scared certain people. 

"So they put you thru turmoil to break you and keep you broken," she penned, "Yes the tagged." Denyce had tagged Taylor in her photo. Towards the end, she wrote, 

You can't hold me down if u tried. Left me aimlessly with 4 kids cause u needed a break. Guess what they saddled on my back girl friend.

Shanda Denyce Edited Her Caption

However, after her rapper husband shared his side of the story over an Instagram Live session, she edited her original post to read, "Damn ...... period," and untagged her husband.

Still, this was not the first time that the couple put their problems on public display. They had previously tried to work past their troubled marriage on Marriage Boot Camp, where they addressed trust issues and past infidelities. 

Back then, regardless of the problems in their marriage, they seemed to work through them all. But with the recent Instagram feud in mind, that might not be the case. Instead, they might just have called it quits on their relationship for good.