With his very elaborate filmography, one could say that Warwick Davis is one of the most iconic dwarf actors gracing the silver and small screen.

However, his most noticeable characteristic has been his Achilles heel as well — in both his professional and his family life. However, the actor is sure that he would change nothing about himself, his wife, and his family. 

Warwick Davis and His Family's Tragedy 

Medical science wasn't what it was now when Davis was born in 1970 with a rare genetic disease called Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia Congenital (SED).

His parents were informed that he wouldn't live long and would most likely die before he reached the age of a teenager.

However, his folks were resilient and determined that Davis would take charge of his own life. 

Both of his parents were average-sized. However, what was not average was raising a child with such an uncommon disability.

The Davis family dressed up as Scooby Dobby Doo's characters.

The Davis family dressed up as Scooby Dobby Doo's characters. (Source: Instagram)

Then again, they did not let that fact affect Doctor Who star. On the contrary, his sense of humor, admittedly instilled by his father, allowed him to be extroverted and funny. 

In a brief memoir with The Guardian, Davis spoke about how that sense of humor kept him from being bullied in school.

But, unfortunately, kids with his condition tend to get picked on, usually because they are shy and, thus, vulnerable.

And being shy was the last thing he was. So fast forward to 1989, when he and his wife, Sam, got pregnant, things got a bit complicated.

Sam, too, had dwarfism, albeit a common variant, but they did not account for the genetic risk they would be taking. 

Warwick Davis posing with his wife, Sam.

Warwick Davis posing with his wife, Sam. (Source: Instagram)

When Sam gave birth to baby Lloyd, the infant boy had inherited both the genes of hers and Davis'. 

This complication resulted in a small and weak set of lungs incapable of sustaining without a life-support machine.

After nine days, the couple made the solemn decision of turning the machine off and providing the innocent life a merciful demise.

They took years to regain their morals and try again. Only, sadly, to have a stillbirth.

In 2018, in an appearance with Bear Grylls on Bear's Mission with Warwick Davis, the actor candidly spoke about these two tragedies.

He said it taught them to have a more vital empathy and an even more solid marriage. 

Warwick Davis, His Wife, and Kids

Now, Davis and his wife have a happy family of four. Their daughter Annable was born in 1997, and their son Harrison was born in 2003.

The actor posing with his wife and kids in front of a Christmas tree.

The actor posing with his wife and kids in front of a Christmas tree. (Source: Instagram)

Like their parents, they have inherited the conditions as well. However, they have not let it put them down and have been actively working towards a career in acting like their dad.

Davis is well known for his portrayal of Goblin Bank Teller and Professor Filius Flitwick in the Harry Potter movie franchise. 

His son and daughter starred with him in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 as Goblins.

On the other hand, Davis himself has been looking back at the past to know more about his parents, family, and history.

It has been a literal trip down memory lane from finding an ancestor who kept two families to another one who was a professional black-face musician.

At present, he does not plan to change anything. Instead, Davis likes the way they are and pushes them beyond their collective lack of height.