Mission: Impossible actor Ving Rhames married his second wife Deborah Reed on December 25, 2000. 

During the courtship, the duo welcomed two children into their family — daughter Reign Beau Rhames and son Freedom Rhames. 

While the pair seemingly had a picture-perfect family, that wasn't the case below the surface. As a result, the duo parted ways secretly after 11 years of marriage. 

Having said that, no one knew about their split until years later. 

Ving Rhames Separated from His Ex Wife in 2011 

Rhames and his wife had parted in April 2011, and Rhames had filed for divorce on September 24, 2013. 

Three years later, Reed sought joint legal but primary custody of their children. She also filed for spousal support and attorney fees.  

However, the case had remained active for years, with minimal results. Finally, in August 2018, the lawyers from both parties appeared in court. 

Rhames and his wife's estranged relationship hadn't been public knowledge up to this time.

But it all changed when Rhames filed a petition seeking joint child custody in October 2018. 

He requested the court intervene and rule a conclusion for their children's custody, support, and spousal support issues.

In addition, he had filed documents asking the court to set a trial date for their divorce.

 And as per his documents obtained by The Blast, Rhames had sought a joint legal and physical custody of his kids. 

Despite the long run, it seems like Rhames' divorce from his ex-wife hasn't yet been finalized.

No news of their legal separation has ever made it to the internet. 

Ving Rhames' ex wife Deborah Reed and his daughter Reigh

Ving Rhames' ex-wife Deborah Reed and his daughter Reigh. (Photo: Reigh Beau's Instagram)

Before tying the knot with Reed, the veteran actor had already experienced a failed marriage.

He was married to Valerie Scott for over five years, from 1994 to 1999. 

About Ving Rhames' Children

Rhames and Reed's first child, daughter Reigh, was born in the year of their wedding, in 2000.

The Instagram model, who turned 21 in 2021, is a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Back in June 2020, she uploaded a plain black photo on her Instagram and shared that she would fight for Black people's rights forever in her life. 

Ving Rhames' children - daughter Reign Beau and son Freedom. 

Ving Rhames' children  daughter Reign Beau and son Freedom. 

In the emotional write-up, the 21-year-old remarked that the movement was not a phase or trend.

In her own words, it was an ongoing fight for her and the lives of every black individual. 

Reigh urged her followers to show their support beyond social media, at the end of the message. 

Like Reigh, Rhames' son, Freedom, born in February 2020, is also making the family proud. The 19-year-old is a basketball player.

According to high school-based magazine MaxPreps, Freedom played at Brentwood high school in Los Angeles for two seasons.

Rhames had also attended his kid's game against Fairfax in June 2019.