In 2019, South Park creator Trey Parker filed for divorce from his wife, Boogie Tillmon, after five years of marriage. 

To date, the reason for their divorce is unknown. 

But according to The Blast, Parker filed the legal documents on March 5, 2019, at a Los Angeles courthouse citing irreconcilable differences. 

The former couple had stopped living together since February 28. 

Parker had requested the court terminate spousal support to his former wife as they had signed a prenup and asked for joint custody of their daughter, Betty Boogie Parker.

It took them two years to hash out the details of their divorce, most of which were kept private. 

In May 2021, it was reported that they had finally settled their divorce after Tillmon filed a completed judgment package detailing their divorce settlement.

There seemed to be no bad blood between the two despite the lengthy separation.

They continued to co-parent amicably and were often spotted on family vacations together.

Trey Parker and Boogie Tillmon’s Relationship

The former couple started dating after Parker’s divorce from his first wife. 

Tillmon was an exotic dancer before she was married, according to Variety.

They tied the knot in April 2014 after dating for five years, but before that, they welcomed their daughter in 2013. 

At the time, they were already parents to Kobe, Tillmon’s son from her previous relationship. 

After marriage, Parker also took on the role of a stepfather. 

Trey Parker and his wife during a family vacation

Trey Parker and his wife during a family vacation. (Source: Boogie Parker/Instagram)

Tillmon often shared adorable photos of her former husband and her family on Instagram. 

She would post several videos of her husband doing voiceovers for his successful animated television series. 

Their daughter was a regular voice in the Comedy Central cartoon as well.

In one of these posts, she even described Parker as her “best friend.”

Many fans thought the couple had a beautiful marriage, so everyone was shocked when they announced their divorce. 

Trey Parker and His First Wife

Before Tillmon, Parker was married to the Japanese socialite Emma Sugiyama in 2006. 

They had gotten engaged at George Clooney’s Lake Como mansion and held their wedding celebrations in Hawaii a year before. 

The animator gave his wife a shout-out on his show in an episode titled 'Ginger Kids.'

Parker, a self-proclaimed ginger phobic, included a line in the show saying that the only way one could prevent themselves from having a ginger kid was to marry an Asian.

He said that he was indirectly talking about himself in the show. 

Unfortunately, two years later, Parker and Sugiyama’s marriage ended after the former cheated on the latter with Tillmon. 

The cheating resulted from an alleged mid-life crisis that he was going through. 

The duo had no children, and because of the privacy surrounding their relationship, not much is known about Sugiyama’s life after the divorce.

Before Sugiyama, Parker was dating Liane Adamo from 1988 to 1992, and they were even engaged. 

But their engagement was called off after Adamo had an affair with a chorister. 

It looks like Parker is currently single, but nothing has been confirmed.