Trace Adkins has the good fortune of being a doting father to his five children.

They have given him many moments of happiness and pride.

His daughters, many of whom are adults now, also have given him a few ideas for songs and music videos over the years.

Their years growing up have become fodder for his desire to create touching tunes.

About Trace Adkins’s Five Daughters

Adkins had his five daughters with two different women. He had his first two children during his first marriage with Barbara Lewis.

Adkins and Lewis, who married in the late 1970s, had their first daughter, Tarah Adkins, in 1983.

After her marriage to David Webber, Tarah became Tarah Adkins Webber on July 1, 2007. She has three kids with her husband.

Two years after Tarah came Sarah Beth Adkins, Adkins's second daughter. She was born in 1985.

According to Closer Weekly, Sarah regularly shares snaps with her sister and family on Facebook. She has also dabbled her hands in music.

In September 2021, she revealed that she had recorded background vocals for Trace's song 'So Do The Neighbors.'

Adkins and Lewis's marriage could only last for four years, and the singer moved on to be with Julie Lauren Curtis.

He and Curtis married on February 3, 1991, but this, too, lasted around four years. They divorced in 1994 without having any children.

On May 11, 1997, Adkins got married to Rhonda Forlaw. It was with her that he had his next three daughters.

Trace Adkins's children at daughter Mackenzie's graduation in October 2020.

Trace Adkins's three children with his ex wife at daughter Mackenzie's graduation in October 2020. (Photo: Briana Rhea Adkins/Instagram)

Their first kid together, Mackenzie Lynn Adkins, was born in 1998. Mackenzie lived in Nashville, Tennessee, as of November 2021.

She graduated from the University of Tennessee in October 2020, something Adkins celebrated with an Instagram post at the time.

After Mackenzie, Adkins and Forlaw welcomed Briana Rhea Adkins in 2001. She signed with AMAX Talent in April 2019 and is now a professional model.

Her first modeling/showbiz stint came alongside her father in 2009 — she made a cameo in Adkins's 'Ladies Love Country Boys' music video.


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Trinity Lee Adkins is the youngest of the five sisters. She was born in 2004 as Adkins and Forlaw's third child. She, too, has appeared in one of his music videos in 2011.

Trace Adkins’s Songs about Daughters and Parenthood

Among Adkins's songs that touch upon his personal life, a few stand out. The first one of them is his 2008 track, 'You're Gonna Miss This.'

The song's lyrics depict a woman's life story as she passes through different stages of her life. Her close ones remind her that she would miss the important moments in her life.

This part of the story struck a chord with Adkins as he had felt a similar feeling about her five children growing up.


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'You're Gonna Miss This' only followed up on the precedence of his greatest heartstring-tugging song (and video), 2003's 'Then They Do.'

The song is told from a father's perspective who watches his children grow up.

The song starts as the father sings about when his kids were young, then moves on to when they have grown older. When they are older, the father reminisces the moments of their childhood with even more appreciation.

At the end of the video, the father realizes that his children are now their own person and bring over his grandchildren, and the cycle begins again.