Tom Skerritt has had his fair share of woes in his first two marriages.

But even though the actor's previous marriages failed, the third time was the charm for him. And he seems to have found his happily ever after with his present wife, Julie Tokashiki, who is 30-years his junior.  

His third marriage has lasted longer than his previous two. So, what was different about the third time?

Skerritt talked about his wife and what made her special in a 2020 interview with Closer.

Tom Skerritt’s Two Failed Marriages

The East of the Mountains star was married to a young artist Charlotte R Shanks and had a baby at 21.

Skerritt was married to his first wife from 1957 to 1972. The later years of the marriage were a hard time for the actor. His wife had developed mental illness, and he struggled to take care of the three children they had.

The actor’s relationship with his oldest son, Colin Skerritt, remains estranged. He blames Skerritt for not being a present father.

But his daughter, Erin, the second-oldest, a published poet, sympathized with her father and said she understood what he was going through.

He used to take his kids to the set and try to care for them because of their mother’s health, but he wouldn’t have the time. So Skerritt was a single parent until he married his second wife, Susan Ellen Aran.

The pair were married for 15 years, from 1977 till 1992. Skerritt and Susan had a child, Colin. In 1980, the couple acquired a place on Lopez Island and ran bed and breakfast there.

But Skerritt’s marriage to Susan did not last. They divorced in 1992. The reason for their divorce wasn’t made public.

Tom Skerritt’s Marriage with Third Wife

Top Gun: Maverick actor met his spouse Tokashiki, a studio executive at Fox, while filming Picket Fences.

As reported by The Seattle Times, his wife was cautious on the first date but found Skerritt a soulmate and a romantic. They were married in 1998.

The Alien actor said, “she’s strong, lovable,” about his wife in the closer interview.

“I look at her with a great deal of respect and marvel at who she is. She’s just a great piece of art,” he added.

Tom Skerritt with his wife, Julie Tokashiki, at 'East of the Mountains' screening at the Victoria Film Festival.

Tom Skerritt with his wife, Julie Tokashiki, at the 'East of the Mountains' screening at the Victoria Film Festival. (Source: Instagram)

He became a father at 86 when Skerritt and his wife adopted a daughter Emi, 12, in 2007. He said that Emi is one powerful preteen lady.

Skerritt’s other four children have also found their calling. His son, Andy, is a computer expert. Matt is a filmmaker and creative director. Collin has dipped his toes in the acting business and is known for Tuscaloosa (2002).

Even at 87, the actor had no plans to retire. Instead, he landed his first lead role at 88 in East of the Mountains. In his six decades of an acting career, he’s covered almost every film genre.

Skerritt can be considered a workaholic. When he’s not busy acting, he is busy working at Triple Squirrels, a film company he launched with his wife of 34-years.

And when he’s not doing that, the actor writes, paints, and plays tennis.