The evolution of science and humankind has made people curious to explore the parallel universe, newer lives, and the existence of time travel.

And while some satisfy their curiosity by binging time travel and space films and series, some claim to be time travelers themselves. For instance, TikTok, the online video sharing platform, is filled with self-claimed time travelers who insist they are sharing their videos from the future.

But are these TikTok self-claimed time travelers real? Here are the 5 most bizarre time travelers and their predictions.


A TikTok user, who goes by the username @aesthetictimewarper and account name Aery Yormany, claims that they are from the year 2714.

aesthetictimewarper telling they are real time traveler.

'aesthetictimewarper' claims to be a real-time traveler. (Photo: TikTok)

The content creator has not revealed their identity, including gender, but predicts that the little green men from outer space will land during the Perseid meteor shower.

In their most recent TikTok video, they write, "Many of you still don't believe I am a time traveler from the year 2714. Here is what will happen in your lifetime."

The user continues to predict that an alien slime-like organism would be released from a Russian facility in 2023, which could take over our bodies.

But none of their prediction has come true so far, which had led many TikTok users to believe they are fake.


Another TikTok user who claims to be the last remaining survivor on Earth, living in the year 2027, is @unicosobreviviente. His name on his profile reads as "Javier."

Javier posts his videos without showing his face or sharing details about his identity, while his username "unicosobreviviente" means “lone survivor” in Spanish.

In one of his videos, he explained that he found out everyone else in the world had disappeared after waking up in a hospital. He, thus, claimed to be in a parallel world and not being a time traveler.

He usually shows himself walking around historical and local places in Spain with completely no existence of other people around him.


Another self-claimed time traveler from the year 2582 is @authentictimetraveler. He has been in the spotlight since his video, where he had predicted that a new planet would be discovered on May 8, 2021, went viral.

In the video, he stated that astronauts would find another planet with similar qualities to Earth.

Attention. This video is not a joke. I am a real time traveler from the year 2582. On May 8th, 2021, astronauts will discover a planet exactly like Earth in our solar system. It will be an exact clone of our Earth, with a mirrored effect. This is the first time we find other human life in the galaxy.

But since May 8, 2021, has already passed, and no such discovery was noted, he is likely to be another person trying to scam others with his false prediction videos.

'2028man' and '2029man'

Two men, 2028man and 2029man, who claim to be from the years 2028 and 2029, have been predicting activities set to happen in the present day through TikTok.

Both of them declared by the mid-2020 that the 2020 US election would end with Joe Biden winning and Donald Trump having to be removed from office.

They have several similarities as well, as both use the account name 'The Messenger' and hashtag #lenoxteam253, while 2028man posted his first video on June 15, 2029man posted his first video on June 16. They also claim that they were sent back to 2020 to change things.

Are They Real?

With most of them opting not to reveal their real identity, it creates doubt about their authenticity. In addition, most of their claims are baseless, and some claims have also proven out to be wrong.

Hence, believing they are real might be a bad idea. But if you are looking to feed yourself with groundless theories about the future, you know where to head now.