Taylor Sheridan has been married to his wife, Nicole Muirbrook, for almost a decade. Sheridan had a few rough years before making it in the Hollywood industry. 

But through those hardships, he met the love of his life. Currently, the actor lives his life to the fullest with their family in Weatherford, Texas, which comprises his wife and son. 

Here is everything we know about Sheridan's relationship with his wife and her life.

Who Is Taylor Sheridan's Wife, Nicole Muirbrook?

Muirbrook is an actress and a model. She has worked on various projects like How I Met Your MotherThe Human Contract, and Dark Blue.

She has been signed to various agencies like Wilhelmina Models Los Angeles, Next Models Miami, and AMAX Models Nashville. But currently, Muirbrook is more of a cowgirl than a model or actress. 

She and her husband have a ranch in Texas where she takes care of animals like horses, cats, and dogs. She also participates in competitions like rodeos, cutting horse events, and others.

Nicole Muirbrook with her son, Gus

Nicole Muirbrook with her son, Gus. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, she has even won a couple of them. It seems like Muirbrook has left behind the world of glamour for her family. 

Her Instagram shows that she loves being a wife, mom, and cowgirl, taking care of her family, ranch, and animals.

Taylor Sheridan and His Wife, Nicole Muirbrook

Sheridan had a very tough childhood. Unfortunately, he did not have proper family and friends as well. 

As a result, he used to be pretty lonely. His parents divorced after high school, and his mother got the family ranch where Sheridan used to herd cattle. 

Unfortunately, his mother had to sell the ranch due to loans. So Sheridan moved away from home in search of a job and career

He moved to Austin, where a scout noticed him. They asked him if he was interested in modeling, but Sheridan was more interested in acting. 

Taylor Sheridan and his wife, Nicole Muirbrook, posing for a photo

Taylor Sheridan and his wife, Nicole Muirbrook, posing for a photo. (Source: Instagram)

He then moved to Chicago to audition for a commercial and then to New York. Finally, after a year in the Big Apple, the actor moved to Los Angeles. 

He auditioned, but he rarely got any gigs. Instead, he only got minor roles which were just enough to pay his bills. 

However, he soon got an acting coaching job where he taught future stars. It is reported that Ariana Grande was one of his students. 

While Sheridan was going through this tough time, Muirbrook showed up as a ray of sunshine. She wanted to be an actress and joined Sheridan's acting classes.

Soon, the two started dating. They moved in together in an apartment in Los Angeles and started their family. 

When Muirbrook gave birth to their son Gus, the pair were struggling. Sheridan got the role of David Hale, the deputy police of Son of Anarchy, but the pay was not good. 

He did not get a raise when he asked for one, so he left the show after two seasons. It was then that Sheridan decided that he wanted to write. 

His wife brought him Final Draft, a screenwriting program, from her meager savings in 2011. The actor promised to write good scripts and was true to it. 

He soon got recognition for his works and eventually found success in them. He wrote Sicario, Hell or High Water, and Yellowstone, all critically acclaimed. 

Hell or High Water was even nominated for Academy Awards, Golden Globes, BAFTA, and Critics Choice Awards, among others. Soon, their days of struggle ended.

Sheridan bought a ranch in Texas with his wife and son and currently resides there.