Tami Roman was recently in the news when she and her husband Reggie Youngblood decided to take the surrogacy route to have a child of their own. 

However, Roman seems to have backed out from the whole surrogacy business and has opted for something that many might consider radical or unorthodox at the very least. 

During her recent appearance on The Real Daytime, the Basketball Wives star outed that she was okay with her husband taking some time off their marriage and finding someone to have a baby with. 

At face value, the idea might sound bizarre, but Roman really seems to have thought this through. 

After much hard work, Roman has managed to get where she is career-wise. However, she explained that all of the work she put into the business was just beginning to reward her.

However, she had also considered that having a baby at this point in her career might bring all of that to a screeching halt. 

Tami Roman Wanted Her Husband's Legacy to Live On

Then again, Roman did not want her husband to bear the brunt of her decision. On the contrary, she believed that Youngblood being an only child, wholly deserved the opportunity to further his legacy.

So, Roman made her husband an offer. She suggested that Youngblood take a break from their marriage for "a year or two" to find a woman with whom he could have a child. 

When he had his child, he could come back to Roman, and they could reignite their marriage—pick up where they left off. 

Would Tami Roman Raise the Child with Her Husband?

The next question on everyone's mind was if Roman was willing to raise the baby that her husband had outside of their marriage. 

Roman confidently replied that she was a firm believer in co-parenting. Therefore, she would not only help Youngblood raise his baby, but she would let the child's mother be in on it too. 

It was just that she was not willing to have the baby on her own, nor was she willing to go through the entire surrogacy process and have her eggs extracted. 

It's really more about him being able to have his legacy here. Because he's an only child and he doesn't have any children, so it's really more for him than it is for me.

As for what Roman will be up to during those couple of years when her marriage would be on hiatus, she confessed that she would not entertain any other man in her life. 

How Did the Husband React?

With all that being said, as open as Roman was to this idea, her husband was not on-board. Instead, he was adamant that Roman was the woman he fell in love with.

He believed that if God had put him in the relationship and God did not want him to have children, then that was how it would be. 

Hearing her husband's selfless response, Roman felt as though it was a blessing and a curse at the same time. While she was happy that her husband loved her beyond measure, she was also aware that she had introduced a selfish element into their relationship.