Despite her young age, fans cannot help but be interested in the question—who is Sky Katz dating?

Her followers and several media outlets seem to have one candidate in mind for that position, and it is none other than her Raven's Home co-star, Issac Ryan Brown. 

Brown is best known for his portrayal as Booker Baxter in Raven's Home, and thanks to the show, he scaled the charts of popularity. Before appearing on the Disney series, he competed in season 7 of NBC's America's Got Talent and sang Michael Jackson's 'One More Chance.'

Although he did not get far in the competition, he later released his single 'Goin In.'

He also made cameo appearances on Black-ish, Black Jesus, How To Get Away With Murder. and Garfunkel and Oates, among other projects. 

Are Sky Katz and Issac Brown Dating? 

Although it is unconfirmed if Katz is dating Brown, her Instagram post is flooded with comments from fans who ship them. On October 3, 2020, the actress uploaded a video of the two of them dancing. 

One fan suggested they should start dating, saying, "I wish you would date each other your perf for each other. I love you Ryan brown and Katz! I ship you both," while many others asked if Brown was her boyfriend.

A few months later, the 'Crushin' singer did a Q&A video on her YouTube channel. 

In the video, the singer addressed the rumors regarding her relationship status and gave answers to questions like, "Is Sky Katz gay?" and "Is Sky Katz pregnant?" Talking about her relationship, she said,

Yes, I am in the most important relationship you could be in right now, and that is with me. Your relationship with yourself matters most. I am really happy with myself right now, so that’s the relationship I am in. 

The actress talked about being pregnant in the future and wanting four kids and also noted that she doesn't have a type.

It appears as of right now, there is nothing conclusive that suggests Brown to be Katz's boyfriend. 

Sky Katz Claim to Fame

Born on December 12, 2004, Katz started rapping at five years old. Her love for rap comes from her parents, who were major fans of Biggie and Tupac.

And during the 11th season of America's Got Talent, she sent her audition tapes for the show without telling her parents. 

Fortunately, she got accepted, got on the show, and captured the judges and the audiences when she performed her first original song, 'Fresh.' 

The video of that performance became viral and got over five million views. Even judge Simon Cowell appreciated her singing and rapping skills and called her 'the coolest 11-year-old in the world'.

The judges loved her performance, but sadly, she was eliminated before the quarterfinals. 

Later she released singles 'Like This' and 'Back At It.' Soon after, she joined the cast of Raven's Home as Tess O'Malley and enjoyed a surge in popularity. 

She proved her chops in singing as well acting, and today she is one of the youngest and most promising talents in Hollywood.