Shaun White and Nina Dobrev are no strangers to rumors about their relationship. There have been a few cheating rumors against him, and people are always speculating if they have broken up.

In late August-early September 2022, the couple became victims of another one of these split rumors. This time, the speculations, or rather, the queries about their potential split came courtesy of DeuxMoi. But are they true?

Are Shaun White and Nina Dobrev Still Together?

On September 5, 2022, an anonymous submission appeared in DeuxMoi's Instagram stories. The user speculated that White and Dobrev had potentially broken up.

"Nina and Shaun breakup," the submission claimed. "No Birthday wish and heard she moved out."


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At the time, DeuxMoi responded by saying they had heard nothing of the sort.

As it turns out, those were only misinformed speculations — the birthday wish appeared soon enough on her Instagram, and, in hindsight, the "moved out" claim could have stemmed from something entirely irrelevant.

Dobrev squashed the rumors before they could even take hold. On September 6, 2022, she made a sweet, goofy post for her boyfriend on the occasion of his 36th birthday.

"i really picked a winner [ and he really picked a booger ]," she wrote alongside a silly picture of the two where had his right index finger inside her nose. "Happy belated Birthday you weirdo. My weirdo."

DeuxMoi, too, used a screengrab of this picture to say they were still together, on September 7.

Shaun White and NIna Dobrev's split rumors on DeuxMoi.

Shaun White and NIna Dobrev's split rumors on DeuxMoi. (Photo: DeuxMoi/Instagram)

And, as if that was not enough, Dobrev spammed her Instagram with pictures and videos from their trip to the Burning Man on September 7, making sure everyone got the message that they were still together and going stronger than ever.

Shaun White’s Cheating Rumors and Relationship with Nina Dobrev

White and Dobrev have been dating at least since March 2020, as that was when their first romance rumors began. It was more or less confirmed that they were dating in April, and May 28, 2020, saw Dobrev make things Instagram official with a quarantine post with White.

Since then, it has been mostly smooth sailings. The biggest hiccup their relationship saw was in January 2022, when White faced cheating accusations.

February 2022 welcomed a more happy speculation about the couple as engagement rumors started flying around.


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March was another bleak month for their romance. TikToker Taylor Graboyes accused the Olympic snowboarder of cheating on Dobrev, releasing their alleged back and forth over text on Raya the previous year.

Both these appeared on DeuxMoi and caught fire or a while but soon died down as no follow-ups appeared.

As for the claims about Dobrev moving out of White's home, it might have been an exaggeration from a headline from Page Six about his appearance at the 2022 Oscars.

He took his mother as his plus one instead of his girlfriend for the event, which created a few interesting headlines. Apparently, they also became good gossip fodder for keyboard detectives.